Winter in Piedmont

3 September 2021

Inverno in Piemonte con Albastar

With over 1,350 km of ski slopes, Piedmont offers many opportunities to immerse yourself in spectacular natural environments, where you can enjoy the fun side of the winter season. Alongside the more than 50 ski areas, this land offers a dense network of itineraries and routes for safe adventures between sledding and snowboarding, ski mountaineering and ice gyms, walks with snowshoes or on cross-country trails. Many experiences in contact with a habitat where alpine villages, peaks and fauna are perfect subjects for photography lovers.

Even in the white silence of nature and discoveries, between valleys and villages, the common thread in Piedmont is the art of living. Great Alpine cheeses accompany the mountains’ star “the polenta”: from Toma di Oropa and Lanzo, to Maccagno; from Blu del Moncenisio to Bettelmatt from the Walser valleys of Ossola to Castelmagno; from hillside cheeses, such as the Slowfood Robiola di Roccaverano presidium, to the Gorgonzola of the plains. And then the traditional proposals such as the first courses based on mountain potatoes: the cajettes from the upper Val di Susa, the ravioles from the Occitan valleys of Cuneo, the soupa barbëtta from the Waldensian valleys, the paniccia from Macugnaga, the mortadella from Ossola, the game. Sweets and biscuits use local products: Focaccia di Susa, canestrelli, gofri and miacce, chestnut sweets and pastries of corn. Ideal pairing, the “heroic” mountain wines, born from extreme vineyards and now rediscovered: Avanà, Becuet, Baratuciat, Ramiè, Doux d’Henry, and the mysterious Ice wine.

Not to be missed

  • In Turin: the famous Luci d’Artista, lit every year from November to January;
  • in November “Artissima”, the main contemporary art fair in Italy and ClubtoClub, a festival of electronic and avant-garde pop music

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