Trasporto animali

On board with cats and dogs

We at Albastar know that your four-legged friend is part of the family. This is why we are happy to accommodate your cat or dog on board our aircraft. Before planning your next vacation with your pet, there are some important rules you should be aware of and we encourage you to read carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

Transport of animals in the cabin is permitted, prior to paying a supplementary fee of 80€ per route, provided that the overall weight including pet container is under 8 Kg. When purchasing your ticket, the passenger must request that they wish to travel with their pet in compliance with the following regulations.

The animal shall be transported in a suitable container or preferably in a flexible, watertight and self ventilated bag, according to the IATA Live Animals Regulation, not in excess of the measures 45 x 35 x 25 cm. The animal may not leave the container during the entire duration of the flight.

The animal must be transported together with its corresponding passport and microchip, as well as any additional documentation that may be required at the country of destination.

Should the flight crew and ground staff consider the pet container not to be adequate or safe, the animal shall not be accepted on board the aircraft. Food and water dishes must be spill resistant to avoid accidental spillage of its contents.

The pet container must be placed on the floor, at the passenger’s feet or underneath the seat. The pet container may not be placed on any unoccupied seats, nor on the passenger’s knees.

It is not permitted to carry animals on board whose characteristics could cause annoyance to other passengers (such as bad smell, bad health conditions and hygiene and violent behaviour).

Only cats and dogs are permitted. The passenger must ensure that the regulations in force in the country of destination allow the animal to enter the country and that it fulfils all the required standards of hygiene and has all the required documentation for its ownership and transportation. The passenger shall be responsible for any damages (such as fines imposed by the destination country of the flight etc.) caused to the Airline due to the transport of animals without adequate documentation.

On board the same flight, a maximum of 3 pet containers are allowed, not more than one per passenger.

In order to check the availability of space on board the aircraft for the transport of animals, the passenger must contact our Call Center for scheduled and charter flights, well in advance with respect to the desired departure date. If not requested in time, the acceptance of the animal at the time of check-in may not be guaranteed.
The transport of animals in the cargo hold is not permitted on Albastar flights.

The crew reserves the right to change the seat of any passenger travelling with animals in order to comply with safety regulations. Albastar reserves the right to deny the transport of animals in case of non-compliance of one or more of the aforementioned conditions.

Please note: considering that Albastar accepts a maximum of 3 animals per flight on its aircraft, we suggest you promptly notify us by writing to our Call Center. Each passenger is allowed to travel with a maximum of one pet. Only cats and dogs are permitted on board.