regole trasporto bagagli


You’re flying with Albastar and you want to know how you should prepare your luggage? Here you can find useful information concerning the dimensions of hand baggage, checked baggage and additional items that you can take with you on board at no additional cost.

Check the table below to find out the cost for transporting additional or special baggage.

Each passenger may carry on board only one cabin baggage not exceeding a total weight 8 kg and not exceeding 115 cm (55 x 40 x 20 cm) without additional charges. Each passenger may also take on board, without additional charges, only one of the following items: briefcase, laptop bag or handbag.

In compliance with the applicable fare rules each passenger (excluding infants from 0 to 2 years of age who do not have authorised baggage), may check in one baggage up to a maximum weight of 20 kg with overall dimensions complying with the check-in standards.

Two or more people belonging to the same family or who are travelling together on the same booking, on the same flight and to the same destination, and arrive at the check-in at the same time, are allowed to pool their baggage allowance.

Due to international regulations, checked baggage should not weigh more than 32 kg. Heavier pieces of baggage shall not be accepted, except for wheelchairs or bulky items, to be stored in the cargo hold, previously authorised by the Airline, such as: musical instruments and camera equipment. These bulky or heavy items will be considered as a special service request (SSR) and stowed in the hold. The payment of a special fare may be requested for the transport of these items.

Passengers can purchase additional checked baggage allowance on the Airline’s website or through the Booking Office for scheduled flights, or at the airport for charter flights.

Albastar shall not be responsible for fragile or perishable goods, money, jewels, silverware and precious metals in general, high-tech items, designer garments or objects, leather or fur goods, valuable papers, stocks and shares or other such marketable documents, as well as business or office documents, samples, passports or other such identity documents contained in checked baggage and hand baggage or forgotten on the plane. Albastar shall not be liable for damages to the exterior of baggage (such as, by way of example and without limitation, stains or scratches deriving from normal wear and tear) or water damage to non-waterproof baggage. LIABILITY OF THE CARRIER TO THE PASSENGERS AND THEIR BAGGAGE

It is strictly forbidden to carry on board the items indicated in the section SECURITY CHECKS and they must be removed from the passenger’s hand luggage before the airport police control:

  • all explosive and highly flammable substances
  • liquid substances except for those permitted by law.

Please be aware that it is not possible to carry certain articles and/or items in the cargo hold and/or as carry-on baggage. Before you start your trip check the sections Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Articles. If you identify an item within the Dangerous Goods section that requires the approval of the Airline, please address your request to our dedicated team at least 3 working days.

Sports equipment are subject to special charges and the Airline must be notified at least two working days before the departure. The loading of sports equipment is always subject to space/weight availability.

Little instruments such as flutes, violins, violas and guitars may be carried as hand baggage, provided that the passenger does not carry any other piece of hand baggage. Guitars might be subject to space availability inside the cabin depending on the measures of their hard case in which case it might be necessary to transport it inside the aircraft hold.

A violoncello may be carried as hand baggage, provided that an extra seat is booked. The instrument will be transported on the extra seat, always on a window seat and properly secured, next to the passenger. The securing will be arranged by the cabin crew and the instrument and its owner may not be assigned a seat at an EXIT row.

Any other instrument will need to be carried in the aircraft cargo compartment and will be subject to the corresponding excess baggage charge of 10,00 € per kg, up to the maximium amount of 80,00 €. It is recommended that such instruments are carried properly protected in a hard case to avoid any possible damage during the handling, stowing and securing inside the aircraft hold.

The following list is not exhaustive but provides some examples.

Baggage and special requests
Prices per route
Hold baggage allowance

20 kg (charter flight)
20 kg (scheduled flight)

Cost of baggage purchased online
29,30 € per 20 kg
Price per baggage, available only for scheduled flights
Cost of baggage purchased at airport
80,00 € per route up to a maximum of 20 kg
Hand luggage

1 piece/maximum 8 kg (charter flight)
1 piece/maximum 8 kg (scheduled flight)

Cost per kg of excess baggage purchased at airport
10,00 € per kg up to a maximum weight of 8kg
If it exceeds 8kg, 80 € per baggage up to a maximum of 20kg
Golf bag
40,00 € per route up to a maximum weight of 20 kg
If it exceeds 20 kg, 10,00 € per kg per route
Snow/water skis
50,00 € per route up to a maximum weight of 20 Kg
If it exceeds 20 kg., 10,00 € per kg per route
Pets in cabin (PETC)
80,00 € per route (maximum weight allowed 8 kg, including carrier)
Check here our travel conditions
Unaccompanied Minor
50,00 € per route
Check here our travel conditions
Diving equipment
40,00 € per route up to a maximum weight of 20 kg
If it exceeds 20 kg., 10,00 € per kg per route
Fishing equipment
35,00 € per route
80,00 € per route
80,00 € per route
Surf Board
80,00 € per route
50,00 € per route up to maximum weight of 15 Kg
If it exceeds 15 kg., 10,00 € per kg per route
Articoli proibiti a bordo


For the safety of its passengers, Albastar restricts the transport of certain items in cabin baggage and hold baggage, likewise it prohibits the transport of certain items on board an aircraft.

Here is a list of examples of items that are not allowed on board our aircraft.
We invite you to read the following articles:
Dangerous Goods Regulations
Prohibited Dangerous Articles
Items prohibited in hand luggage

  • various items: self-defence spray, irritants, cases with anti-theft system installed, magnetic equipment, etc…
  • electronic cigarettes: electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside hold baggage.
  • explosives: pyrotechnics, ammunition, firecrackers, toy weapons, rockets, etc…
  • gases: gas and gas cylinders (butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen), insecticides, compressed air bottles, lighter refills, fire extinguishers, etc…
  • flammable liquids: paints, turpentine, solvents or thinners, petrol, diesel, petroleum, glues, alcohol, ethanol, etc…
  • flammable solids: matches (except safety ones), sulphur, magnesium, etc…
  • substances susceptible to spontaneous combustion
  • substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
  • oxidising substances, oxidants and organic peroxides
  • toxic or poisonous substances: poisons, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic, etc…
  • infectious substances: bacteria, viruses, etc…
  • radioactive material: isotopes, etc…
  • corrosives: acids, mercury, spillable batteries, chlorine, bleach, etc…