Albastar’s mission is the air transport of passengers and cargo within a global policy of safety, security and ethics in response to the needs of the community.

The vision of Albastar is to become an organization recognized for its efficiency and trust by employees, customers and the community, as well as getting to perform all activities with care and mutual respect among employees, partners, customers and the environment.

Albastar’s values are:

  • Commitment to integrity, honesty and respect in the projects where we participate.
  • Getting the excellence based on professionalism, experience, talent and continuous training of our staff.
  • Quality in all individual and team activities, focused on performing each task according to the principles and values of the organization.
  • Spirit of dynamism, professionalism, openness to innovation, individual creativity and technological advances to quickly adapt to the changes required by customers and by the interested parties.

The Albastar’s objectives as air operator are:

  • To be a safe and secure air carrier;
  • To deliver a reasonably good financial performance;
  • To provide a high standard of service and good value for money;
  • To anticipate to customer needs;
  • To maintain a working environment that attracts, develops and retains committed employees;
  • To maintain and resource a Safety Management System that promotes a pro-active and positive safety culture in accordance with Albastar’s Safety policy;
  • To ensure the facilities, workspace, equipment, supporting services and work environment necessary to satisfy operational safety and aviation security requirements.

These objectives are embodied in the commitment of the top management to ensure the compliance with the applicable regulations, and the continuous improvement of the whole organization, through the Quality and Compliance Monitoring management system.

Palma de Mallorca, on January 18, 2022.

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