Has your flight been cancelled or did it arrive late? This is how to get a refund

30 September 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Late or cancelled flight? It is the nightmare of travellers who choose flying as the means of transport to reach an important business convention or their final destination for the holidays.

If this is to happen, please be reassured that Albastar will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and will strive to find the most convenient solution for you.

The rights of passengers and, therefore, your rights, are protected by EC Regulation no. 261/04 and it is in accordance with this legislation that we have developed our policy when one of our flights does not take off.

Let us first of all clarify by reminding you that in the event of a cancellation you can choose between:

  • a ticket refund for the cancelled journey
  • boarding on an alternative Albastar flight
  • boarding on an alternative flight at a later date that is more convenient for you
  • financial compensation if the flight is not cancelled within 14 days before the flight departure date

In the event of delayed or cancelled flight, you are entitled to:

  • meals and drinks in relation to the length time you have to wait at the airport
  • hotel accommodation in relation to the length time you have to wait
  • transfer from the airport to the accommodation facility and vice versa
  • two telephone calls or messages via telex, fax or e-mail

We would like to emphasise that, in certain cases of delayed or cancelled flights, you can also obtain financial compensation established as follows:

  • €250.00 for all flight route distances of less than or equal to 1500 kilometres
  • €400.00 for intra-EU flight routes with distances in excess of 1500 kilometres and between 1500-35000 kilometres;
  • €600 for flight route distances that do not fall into the two previous cases

The aforementioned regulation establishes that financial compensation is not due in the event of the following:

  • the flight is delayed and/or cancelled due to exceptional circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, terrorist attacks or sudden flight security shortcomings, airport traffic restrictions
  • you are informed of the cancellation with at least two weeks notice. In this case you will only be entitled to have your ticket refunded by Albastar. We would like to inform you that in fact, in this situation, the European regulation establishes that you are not entitled to further compensation.

In accordance with the European regulation, reimbursement is not foreseen if:

  • we notify you within two weeks before your flight would have taken place
  • we offer you an alternative flight departing no more than one hour before the originally scheduled arrival time and landing at the latest two hours after.

Is everything clear? If you need support or need further clarifications, contact our Customer Service.

Remember that the deadline for reimbursement requests changes from state to state and that for Italy it is two years.

This regulation is applicable to scheduled, charter and low cost flights:

  • departing from an EU airport
  • departing from an airport located in a non-EU country, destined for an EU airport, only if the airline is an EU company and provided that the passenger has not already availed of the benefits provided by local legislation.

We would like to remind you that the regulation does not apply to flights departing from a country that is not part of the European Union, flying to an EU state if the airline is a non-EU company.

Check immediately in the Albastar Customer Service on the website if the conditions are in place to obtain a refund. 

Submitting the complaint is very simple and it is always better to contact us directly since our company is providing the service, as strongly suggested by the same EU Regulation 261/2004.

You can do it directly online, filling in a few fields on the form or by registered letter, where you will have to enter a valid e-mail address together with a telephone number where we can reach you, which you should to send to:

  • Albastar Customer Service in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Av. Conde de Sallent 23, 5A, 07003

If you purchased your ticket online, you can also report your complaints to the online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, which you can access by clicking here

Just like suggestions from our passengers, reports on disservices are essential for us to improve our services every day and make your flight experience increasingly rewarding.