Today we introduce Juan Mirallas, flight attendant

9 September 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Being a flight attendant means living with a suitcase at hand, having the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and working frequently with new colleagues.

So, what is a typical day of a flight attendant like?

We asked Juan Mirallas, a flight attendant at Albastar.

Juan how many hours do you fly in a day?
It depends, there are days that I only fly for one hour and others for more than 8 hours. This is exactly what is appealing about my profession. 

Describe your typically working day.
My working days vary a lot. I do not have set working hours and this is one of the reasons why I love my job. There are days when my day starts at dawn and others when it starts at 4 pm. 

How many people do you meet in a day?
When I’m on a 737-800 aircraft and I have to do both the outbound and return flight, I can meet up to 378 different faces in one day!

Is there any information regarding passengers that flight assistants need to know before taking off?
Yes, and this is why before each flight, the entire crew meets for a briefing, during which we receive information on the exact number of passengers, any special needs, and we are made aware of any children or unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities or VIP.

One last question Juan: what do you do to prepare for a flight?
There are important things to do before a flight: rest to be able to face my working day better; check that my uniform is impeccable; prepare the necessary documentation for the flight; go over the on-board services and, finally, check the list of passengers.