Dogs and animals on planes: rules and useful information

14 March 2020

Come arrivare a Lourdes? Facile, volando con Albastar!

Do you want to travel with Fido, Miao and Albastar? Here are the rules and some useful information.

Before flying, it is always a good idea to check with the airline their rules on transporting pets on board, since they may differ from company to company.
Our advice is to leave nothing to chance on how dogs, cat and ferrets should and may be transported to avoid the risk of remaining on the ground, stuck at the check-in desk.

In our previous article, we spoke about the documents required for pet travel, and since we are a pet friendly company, we have decided to dedicate another post to travelling with pets, to respond to the many requests for information received by our call center.

For us at Albastar, allowing your furry friend travel by plane is a well-established custom, and to avoid unpleasant surprises we want to share the terms of the service: it is essential to ensure the best possible flight experience for all passengers and to transport your pet safely and without worries.

This is the section of Albastar’s website dedicated to our policy on transporting FIDO and MIAO

You have to be careful as with some companies, like ours, only cats and dogs can travel in the aircraft cabin with their owners and they are not allowed to travel in the hold.

How many cats and dogs may travel on the same flight?

Please be aware that only a maximum of three pets may travel on one individual flight and a single passenger may take one pet only: contact our call center well in advance of the date you wish to depart so you can fly whenever you want.

Guide dogs are an exception: in fact, there is always room for them on board Albastar! They are the only animals permitted to travel by plane without a carrier, although they are required to have a lead and a muzzle. In this case, the animal must also have:

  • a training certificate
  • valid travel documentation.

You may already be aware that our cabin crew members are trained to ensure special assistance when required. If you have special requirements or, for example, have prostheses, use a walker or wheelchair, you can ask our dedicated team for information.

But let us proceed in the correct order: at the time of purchase of your flight ticket, ask for the on-board animal transport service for your cat or dog.

Please note that your four-legged friend must be small in size to travel with you. It must weigh no more than 8 kg, including its pet carrier or kennel, that is, the accessory used for its transport. It is an object that is also useful when travelling by car or by train.

To comply with IATA regulations the carrier must have certain characteristics, namely:

  • its maximum dimensions must be 45x35x25 cm
  • the ventilation slots on the four sides of the carrier, must guarantee sufficient ventilation to Fido without allowing its snout or paws to pass through
  • the safety locks must prevent the cat or dog from getting out of the carrier during travel: pets may not come out of the carrier even to drink or to eat
  • the material that the carrier is made of must be flexible so it can be placed under the seat.

There are other things that are essential to know if you want to travel by plane with your dog using Albastar.

  • Only animals in good health that are clean, non-aggressive and therefore not dangerous for other passengers can travel with their owners.
  • Owners are responsible for being familiar with and having all the documents required for their four-legged friends to travel in the hold to the destination country. We would like to clarify a point and inform you that any fines imposed on our company due to missing necessary documents, will be borne in full by you.

And what about vaccinations?

If you intend to set off with your pet, you must check the health regulations of your destination countries and schedule any vaccinations two months in advance.

Remember: cats, dogs and ferrets must have a European pet passport to travel in EU countries. The rules have also been simplified in the United Kingdom, where until 2000 it was unthinkable to take Fido or Miao away with your due to quarantine regulations.

Please remember that, among the various requirements, your fury friend must be vaccinated for rabies 21 days prior to departure. Blood tests and treatment for ticks are no longer necessary for dogs from the European Union, unlike that against worms, which is still required.

Our advice is to contact the Italian embassy or the authorities of the country your are travelling to with your pet directly to learn about the health regulations in force and the documents required.

Do you want to fly stress-free with your dog?

We advise you to gradually get your pet used to the carrier, putting it in it for a few hours every day for at least five days before departure. Avoid feeding your pet in the four hours before your flight so you do not have to deal with digestive problems, and then gently reassure it as only you know how!

Now that you’re ready to travel with your dog or cat, pack your suitcase and don’t forget your pet carrier!

If you need further information, write or call the Albastar call center and… #Flyalbastyle!