Do you know the rules for transporting animals by air?

19 August 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

If you are among those who bring along their four-legged friends on holiday, please bear in mind that even if you choose a pet-friendly airline like Albastar, you know that there are requirements regarding which animals are admitted on board.

Knowing the requirements before you travel will avoid, as we always say, unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Perhaps you have already read our article on flying with animals which says that only cats and dogs can travel in the cabin with you if you pay an extra fee: other types of animals are not permitted on board.
When you purchase your ticket, ask if you can bring your pet with you because only three carriers are allowed on board the same flight and only one per passenger is allowed. We would like to inform you that we at Albastar do not transport animals in the hold.

It is very important that you make sure that the destination country allows you to transport your pet, that you comply with their hygiene measures and to have all the necessary documentation with you. We remind you that any taxes imposed by the destination country for animals entering the country without the proper documentation, will be borne solely by you.

Your four-legged friends however must not be too big, that is, they must not exceed 8 kg including their carrier.
You can only take your cat or dog on board if they are in a special container, a carrier or a crate. Please remember that you will not be able to let them out for the entire duration of the trip, which means from the moment you board the plane to landing operations.
You cannot expect your pet to sit in their carrier and be calm on the departure day: we suggest you get them to familiarise with it, making them feel at ease, perhaps feeding them in the carrier as if it were its kennel.

Albastar respects the IATA guidelines that protect the safety and comfort of animals.

  • You need to make a reservation to transport your cat or dog.
  • You are required to provide food to your pet during the trip. The pet carrier must have a water bowl and a food container, both accessible from the outside and be perfectly resealable.
  • The pet carrier must be strong enough to protect your pet during the flight, be secure enough to contain it and have sufficient ventilation on all four sides to ensure the air quality in the container will not deteriorate.
  • Animals must be able to move easily in their carrier seeing as they have to stay there for a certain period of time.
  • The carriers must be placed on the floor by your feet or under the seat, not on a seat even if it is free, nor on your lap. They must not exceed 46x25x31 cm in size.
  • Cats and dogs must not smell and must not show signs of aggressive behaviour or cause damage to other passengers.

As you can see, there aren’t so many rules for transporting animals on board, but they all must be followed: we at Albastar have the right to refuse to transport your pet if we notice that some of our provisions are not respected.

Check the availability of space for the transport of your four-legged friend!

Write to us well before the date of departure.
We remind you that guide dogs are the only animals allowed on board without a carrier, but they must travel with a muzzle and be on a leash.
We hope to see you on board with your 4-legged friends! #FLYALBASTYLE!