Spring in Piedmont

18 June 2021

Visita il Piemonte con Albastar

The awakening of the nature invites more than ever to energizing walks into the green, under the first warm rays of the sun.

With a myriad of routes to be discovered on foot or by bicycle, Piedmont offers many opportunities to immerse yourself in spectacular environments even during the Spring, between sounds and regenerating scents: on mountain paths as in hilly and plain itineraries or on the shores of lakes.

Everywhere there is an explosion of blooms: on the lakes of northern Piedmont, famous for their botanical gardens and corners with a Mediterranean climate, where citrus fruits ripen; in the parks where expanses of tulips bloom, in the fields of Alexandrian lavender and medicinal herbs, in the high pastures rich in rare native flora.

In this season, risotto, ravioli and omelettes with wild herbs from the meadows, fresh cheeses, tender meats, tasty salads, new vegetables, young and lively wines triumph at the table. And then chocolate, ice cream and pastry. The spring air in Piedmont can also be felt in the kitchen. The sorrel or “wild grass” in Valsessera, between Biellese and Vercellese, can be enjoyed in the Maccagno fondue. Also for the “Cabiette”, typical of the Bardonecchia area in the Alta Val di Susa, young nettles are used, together with grated raw potatoes, onions, rye flour, low-fat cheese and eggs. Other Piedmontese spring dishes: the “capunet” which in Alba are courgette flowers stuffed with boiled or roasted meat, cooked salami, parsley, garlic, eggs and parmesan, while in Vercelli they are seared cabbage leaves and filled with various ingredients besides rice boiled; typical of this period of the year are also the Piedmontese mixed fry, the soaked fish and the famous veal with tuna sauce.

Don’t miss:

  • “Messer Tulipano” at the Castle of Pralormo (To) between April and May
  • Spring camellia exhibition in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore
  • VINUM Alba – National Fair of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato Wines, in April

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