Are you ready for your first flight?

20 May 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Speaking of travelling, and also of all life’s experiences, when a child is born there is always a before and after. The before is when you boarded a plane feeling carefree, thinking about your holiday, enjoying every moment of the flight, imagining just how much you would enjoy yourself.
The after is to leave nothing to chance, it’s about worrying too much about everything, it’s stressing over nappies, baby food, tantrums and being stared at by other passengers!

We at Albastar know that: parents are concerned about flying with their children. In fact, you can read some of the tips that we give to all parents so that they can travel stress-free with their children.

And if your child is an infant, that is, a passenger who has not yet turned two during the outbound flight and return flight, the anxieties dramatically increase.
But no worries! With Albastar every journey becomes a treat that lasts the entire flight. Small children can travel seated on an adult’s lap: just secure them with an extension seat belt that attaches to your seat belt. Fares for infants are quite cheap and depends on the final destination.

But let’s get to the point: what does a first flight mean?

But let’s get to the point: what does a first flight mean? The first times are those that are remembered forever because they are the most exciting. The first smile, the first tooth, the first day of school: if you think about it, the lives of our children are full of special moments for them and for you as a parent. And none of these must be forgotten, in fact why not celebrate your child’s first flight with Albastar?

It’s a beautiful moment to remember for you as a parent and for your child when they grow up, but also for us and we’d like to share it with your child.
That’s why we give you a real certificate that certifies that your child is flying for the first time! Don’t worry: there’s no bureaucracy involved.

We at Albastar consider it an important event because it’s the first of a long series of journeys and we like to celebrate it in a special way. Before landing, the senior cabin crew member will give your child a personalised certificate with their name on it and the date of their first flight on board an aircraft.

It’s nice to remember your very first flight, don’t you think?