Flying with children and not going crazy during the trip!

9 January 2019

Volare con i bambini Albastar

Travelling with children can be very challenging, we at Albastar are well aware of this. But if you get everything ready in time and follow our suggestions, the flight experience can turn into a pleasant adventure for everyone!

First of all, let’s just clarify a few things: a minor is a child between the ages of two and eleven. By paying the same rate as adults, they have the right to a seat on the plane.

If your child is flying for the first time, it would be better to start with a short-haul charter flight so you can see their reaction and then decide if it is appropriate to fly longer routes.

Here are some tips we can give you for travelling with children as they have already helped so many parents to stay calm: remember that the journey will come to an end and the arrival at your destination will pay off.

  • Rule number one: limit the waiting time at the airport as much as possible by opting for online check-in. So, when you arrive at the airport you will only have to check in your suitcase and the stroller if you decide to take it with you and then proceed to the security checks.
  • Rule number two: no bulky bags or excessively heavy trolleys. To avoid packing too many things, start by preparing your baggage a few days before, so you can think about what is absolutely essential and what you can leave at home.
  • Rule number three: choose your child’s seat based on his personality, avoiding the window seat if he doesn’t sit still. And if they get tired of sitting down, allow them to walk down the aisle, ensuring they don’t disturb other passengers. At the back, you’ll have more space and the toilets are closer!

Little matters if it’s your first or seventh flight with your child. Before boarding, many parents make a list of small problems that could arise and think of a “strategy” to deal with them. Keeping calm is essential!
Your child on the other hand will be very excited. Once you pass through the security checks, allow him to have fun in order to release excess energy. In modern and the most equipped airports there are play areas for smaller travellers.

But let’s continue with our advice on how to travel with children:

  • Rule number four: try to get them excited about the trip, explain how the plane works, tell them that you will be travelling very fast, and once you get on board, get them to look at the scenery outside the window.
  • Rule number five: do not forget to bring along their favourite game or soft toy! Also take your tablet with you to distract them with a cartoon or a couple of books to read to them.
  • Rule number six: the temperature during the flight may vary, so dress your child in layers, and also bring along a travel pillow and a blanket: they will feel pampered and the tantrums will subside!
  • Rule number seven: to prevent small children from having earache, due to the pressurisation which causes them to cry on board, get them to yawn, chew gum or drink fruit juice.

What is the last but not least of our tips for flying with children? Fasten your seat belts and #FLYALBASTYLE

Do you still have some doubts? Call Albastar’s Call Center: they will be happy to help you