Albastar: your trusted business partner

4 June 2021

Collaborazioni commerciali compagnia aerea Albastar

Luigi Annichini of That Aviation will tell us how the “winning” commercial collaborations with Albastar have been created.

The plane is one of the fastest means we have to move from one place to another, and when you hear it mentioned, you immediately think about a vacation.

However, some people use the plane weekly or daily for business trips, and Albastar’s team (The Albastars) knows this well.

There are many realities with which we collaborate, especially “sports teams”, and to better understand how it works, we have interviewed Luigi Annichini of That Aviation.

Luigi, can you tell us what your job consists of?

First of all, it is always a pleasure to talk with you, and if you think that we have been doing it for more than 10 years, I can tell you that this is very indicative. If, as they say, “you learn something every day”, I would say that we have achieved a good level of experience together. Above all, because jointly we operate in a highly dynamic sector, which changes day by day, requiring flexibility and constant implementation of our attention and skills.

In a constantly evolving market, the professional figure of the aeronautical Broker, which can be simplified as a “mediator” between the final customer and the air carriers, has been enriched with skills and ancillary services. Those are now essential for the full implementation of the mandate entrusted to us by the Client, thus enhancing and reinforcing the role that this professional figure has.

When people ask me to describe my job, my ironic answer is that I am a “tailor”, as I realize tailor-made flights. I use the verb “to realize” because it suits well the idea of ​​”tailor-made”. But also the concept of ​​”building”, creating an ad-hoc product and service, following it from the beginning till the end, to obtain the customer’s total satisfaction, who entirely relies on me to achieve the best flight experience. Flight duration is not limited only to the time in which the aircraft is in the air. Still, it begins much earlier, when we start planning all the information and the services essential for the operation’s success, carried out in total safety, on time and with the utmost pleasure and comfort for our guests.

What makes you choose one company over another and which companies do you collaborate with?

Our business goes through various stages. An operational phase revolves around the aircraft and the airport, realized following mandatory rules and procedures. Still, first of all, there is a commercial phase made up of studies and research. This is the aspect I like the most: what fascinates me is the challenge to find the best combination of carrier, the convenience of service and the final cost.

Our primary customers are tour operators, travel agencies, incentive houses, big companies and above all, professional sports teams, mainly football ones.

Over the years, we have learned that – depending on the sporting discipline so as the team’s category – there are tournaments that lead you to play in remote places. In these cases, using a “tailor-made” flight with the appropriate customizations is requested to shorten the travel timings and offer a unique travel quality, which results in a better rest for the athlete and improves his performance on the field.

My job, like the others, if carried out with passion, curiosity and respect, will permit you to reach positive results and our customers know it: most of them are repeaters, and they continuously entrust us with their projects.

As we work with the elite of Italian sport, it is normal to have our aircraft’s well-known personalities of the calibre of Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, to mention some famous ones. Consequently, the sports clubs entrust us the destinies of their players, even if for a short time. This is a great responsibility that we feel entirely and that we always and totally assume, thus respecting security and privacy.

Therefore, a partner like Albastar needs to accomplish the mission successfully, obtaining the customer’s recognition.

Those are great satisfactions for me!

What are the elements that made you choose Albastar?

It is Albastar that deserves to be chosen. Our line of providers is not infinite, a few selected airlines for each market area and I must say that Albastar can embrace more than one. Our added value is created through the dialogue with the supplier: the trust powered by a transparent and flexible relationship grows over time and becomes the milestone for working well and with common goals.

Sports flights, incentive operations, religious tourism, each sector has its peculiarities. Over the years, all the essential experiences that we have lived together have contributed to creating the know-how that our clients appreciate.

From my small observation post, as far as charter services are concerned, I have heard many airlines making big announcements over the years, but very few of them moved from words to action, satisfying the needs of our market. Albastar and its team, to whom I am very fond, belong to this latest group of air carriers, able to fly higher and higher whilst always remaining concrete.

Anyone who plans a flight with Albastar finds a partner able to operate on-demand flights to national and international short and medium-haul destinations, fully customize the trip, and assist its clients with its qualified crew.
These are just some of the strengths that have made us, over the years, the reference carrier for important companies, such as our strategic partner That Aviation.