Albastar S.A. has successfully obtained the renewal of IOSA certification

5 February 2021

Rinnovo Certificazione IOSA Albastar

On October 2020, Albastar S.A. has successfully obtained the renewal of IOSA certification, (Operational Safety Audit), the benchmark for global safety management in airlines, issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Albastar S.A. was registered and joined the IOSA’s Registry on 22nd May 2019, this reinforces the reflective significance of the company’s spirit to continue with exceptional standards within aviation and the result reflects the commitment of management to implement and strictly adhere to a safety-first policy.

The renewal of the certification occurs every two years and the audit covers approximately 1,000 standards and recommended practices that are all related to the safety of operations and procedures of the airline.

The safety audit has verified the compliance of Albastar to aviation safety standards to ensure it meets international operational safety requirements in areas including flight operations, ground handling, security management and maintenance.

But how the preparation of the Albastar team take place? What are the areas subject to checks?

Today we talk about it with Diego Águila, Production Manager of Albastar.

Hi Diego, tell us how your work in Albastar started, we know that you have been in the team for many years, an important point of reference!
I had the good chance to grow up professionally with Albastar, the airline where I have been working for 10 years and before reaching my current role, I experienced various functions, mainly as Head of the OCC department (Operation Control Center) and in the technical office, learning and assimilating, thanks to the opportunities that Albastar has given me, a lot of knowledge and notions both technical and managerial.
I have always considered myself more as a problem solver rather than a manager, and in the Production Department we focus on solving various problems, trying to act as a catalyst by putting our resources and our work at the service of all company departments. I’m lucky because I like my job and I can count on a great team, both in the Production department and in the other sectors, one person doesn’t make a difference, while a team does it.

How do you act to ensure that all your colleagues work constantly in compliance with the strict protocols imposed by the Authorities?
The Production Department represents a support structure for the other departments that manage their duties independently. We verify that there is always a concrete approach to the application of the various standards that regulate the activities carried out by aviation operators. Passengers safety and the strict compliance with rules are the main objectives of the company, in the Production Department we try to ensure that the activities are carried out not only effectively but efficiently and for this reason we collaborate with each department. We joke among us that we are like “ninja” warriors, we are there even if no one sees us.

How do you prepare for audits?
IOSA audits are very well structured, they are like an exam where you know the questions, but it is still a very challenging exam. IT tools play a very important role in preparation. Albastar has a complete document management software that allows us to link company documentation with IOSA requirements, we use this software to prepare the audit and provide further support to the departments. We actively participate in the audit by supporting the department managers, once again it is a team effort.

Which areas are the ones analyzed?
The audits check eight areas:

  • FLT (Flight operations, the largest of all areas, accounting for 25% of the audit)
  • CGO (Cargo)
  • CAB (Cabin Operations)
  • DSP (Flight Operations Control)
  • GRH (Ground Operations)
  • MNT (Maintenance)
  • ORG (Quality)
  • SEC (Security)

As a Production department we have participated directly in the audits of Flight Operations, Cabin Operations and Maintenance, always in coordination with the manager and the team belonging to these areas.

Do we want to mention and thank the people involved?
Most of the audit involves operational departments: Flight Operations, Maintenance and Ground Operations, although the IOSA audit is a company-wide effort. Obtaining and maintaining the certification are part of the daily management of the company. Personally, I have to thank all the departments that participated in the IOSA audit for their help and positive attitude.
The IOSA Registration shows that Albastar complies with aviation safety standards and I am very proud that this audit has once again confirmed our operational safety and security.