A wish came true!

5 May 2021

Hostess diventa pilota di linea compagnia aerea Albastar

Here is the story of Arianna Carcano, our flight attendant who decided to become an airline pilot.

From flight attendant to airline pilot. This is the story of Arianna, one of our flight attendants who finally has succeeded in realizing her dream of becoming an airline pilot.

Arianna is a woman who likes to travel around the world and after graduating in languages ​​and earning a master’s degree at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, she becomes a freelance art curator organizing art exhibitions by contemporary artists, dividing her time between Paris, London and Milan.

During this period of her life, her passion for aviation was born and her ascent as a flight attendant began.

She has a truly unique story and this is the reason why we decided to ask her to tell us her experience.

Arianna, can you tell us how your passion for aviation was born?

To begin with, I would like to thank Albastar for giving me the opportunity to tell my story, It is an honor.
My passion for the aviation was born when I was very young; I have always traveled a lot with my family and airplanes have always been the most loved and used means of transport in our numerous trips. Growing up, travelling continued to play a very important role in my life, together with studying and, subsequently, the work in the art world.
In 2012 I had the opportunity and the chance of being able to join an international airline and from that moment it came the confirmation of a passion that, until then, had not been able to fully express itself: the one for the flight.

How long does it take to become a flight attendant?

The time required to become a flight attendant may vary according to the chosen path. You can start by attending a specific course at a qualified flight attendant school or, as in my case, you can go through the selection for an airline that offers you a complete training course adapted to its fleet. In this case, the course lasts two months and includes an introduction to the world of aviation: you study and familiarize with the company’s aircraft, learning procedures, safety rules and policies on service,
image and behavior on board.
In short, an intensive course that includes a theoretical study and the implementation of a series of procedures, principles and rules that teach you a new lifestyle dictated by discipline, professionalism and flexibility.

What is the best aspect of your job?

In my opinion, the most interesting part of the job as a hostess (besides traveling and visiting new places) is that there is always something new to learn. I do not only mean new procedures or regulations that are very often updated, modified and improved, but also and, above all, on a personal level. As we always fly with different people, each flight becomes an opportunity for professional and cultural growth, it is like being in a school suspended in the air. Colleagues who share their life experiences and knowledge, passengers who tell their stories and who bring different cultural habits, unexpected situations that require preparation, flexibility and a cool head. I like having to get involved every day, having to face new situations and be up to them.
Flying has always been a special source of knowledge and experience for me.

When and why you get the idea of becoming a pilot?

The idea of becoming a pilot was a bit like a revelation the first time I saw a female pilot in the cockpit.
Before then, perhaps out of naivety or because I was influenced by the culture of the society in which I grew up, I thought and I was convinced that being an airplane pilot was a job exclusively reserved for men. Later, observing and having the opportunity to work alongside some female pilots, I realized that I wanted it and I could do it too.
I booked a test flight and the next day I decided to sign up for the private pilot course and later the commercial pilot course.
The reason why? I don’t think there must necessarily be a reason that justifies a passion. A passion is born and grows in you, like an inner voice that pushes you to do it and makes you feel good when you do it, no matter the sacrifices and struggles included in the path.

What do you recommend to those who would like to take up this profession?

One piece of advice I would like to give to those who, like me, want to tackle this long journey is to not be intimidated by the amount of study or the psychological, physical and economical commitment required. I cannot hide that it is a demanding path, which requires seriousness and dedication, but it is not impossible to complete.
Starting from my experience, I would like to be able to inspire, as other female pilots have done for me, those young girls who finish school today and have to choose a professional training path; inviting them to broaden their perspective and not to be influenced by gender stereotypes which is part of today’s world societies and cultures and which limits the fullest expression of their personality.
Nowadays, any professional or personal life choice, both for men and women, should not be judged by anyone. I am strongly convinced that anyone has the right to choose how best to live their life and to fight for the realization of their goals, without feeling obliged to give an explanation. I do it because it makes me feel good!

Any other plans for the future?

At the moment, the main project to be completed is to become a fullUfledged commercial pilot and I hope to soon be able to earn a seat in the cockpit next to the captain. A move from the Galley to the Cockpit.
I would like to become a “good” pilot and to do so there is still a lot to learn: hours of simulator and flight training and finally a type rating. The hope is that I will be soon part of the company’s flight deck crew, but this will be seen in a few months; in the meantime I continue to fly as a hostess observing what is happening in the forward part of the aircraft and preparing myself for a very interesting future.


Arianna is a very determined woman and her story is a strongly uplifting message and can represent an example and a reference for all women who dream big and who undertake daily paths to feel realized in what they do.