Fasten your seat belts, March takes to the air with a new website for Albastar.

4 March 2019

presentazione nuovo sito web Albastar

Big news is in the air for Albastar, the private Spanish airline: from 3rd March, the new corporate website is be online with more content, a user-friendly design and the immediate feeling of being warmly welcomed by a family.

Whilst featuring a completely new layout with a fluid and optimised web design, that allows it to be perfectly viewed from any device, the website aims to meet the needs of users as much as possible, whilst facilitating ease of use: captivating design, easy and intuitive navigation, but above all new contents.

In fact, its contents have been enriched and reorganised so that they are even clearer and more effective, accompanying passengers through all the phases of their travel experience: from providing useful information on how to organise their flight (even for passengers with special needs, children, animals but also for tour operators, companies or associations who want to fully personalise their trip), to reserving their seat as well as post- flight assistance, which today can be handled completely online.

The new website was created with the intention of explaining, in a simple and effective way, “why you should rely on Albastar”: this is a very useful tool that becomes the messenger of all the values of Albastar, expressing the “because we care” concept, which for many years now, summarises the company’s efforts to provide a pleasant and serene flight experience, on comfortable and modern aircraft, pampered by a competent staff who loves to make every passenger feel welcomed, whatever their needs.
Text-based contents, as well as images: the great visual impact of the photographs published on the website immediately convey the company’s entire philosophy, highlighting the people who make up Albastar, the choice of some of the most important European tour operators, travel agencies and brokers; but also, and above all, the reference airline in Europe for religious tourism.

With a view to meeting the needs of the user, the website is fully integrated with social networks, enriching the browsing experience and it also features a virtual assistant able to answer passenger’s queries.

The new Albastar website is created by “Unique”.