Weights and measures: discover Albastar’s rules for hold luggage

21 October 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

When preparing to fly, one topic that casts the most doubts among passengers is understanding Albastar’s rules regarding hold luggage measurements.

First of all, what is hold luggage? There are those who call it checked luggage, others who call it luggage to be checked-in, and then those who call it simply hold luggage. In other words, many tags defining the same object, that is, the suitcase you will not carry on to the plane, but will take and hand over at our check-in desk.

Let us take a look at the procedures to check in your suitcase, which are really simple.

Upon arriving at the airport, go to Albastar’s check-in desk. Hand over your suitcases and documents here. Once we have checked your suitcases and documents, we will attach a barcode to your cases enabling us to track them. Upon arriving at your destination airport, you will collect your suitcases from the area called baggage claim.

Why should you check in your luggage to the hold?

Certainly, compared to a rucksack or trolley suitcase that you can take on to the plane with you, this type of suitcase has various advantages: the first, which is the most obvious, is that it holds more items of clothing, accessories, shoes and so on. So if you are planning a holiday that is longer than a weekend break or are going on a business trip lasting some days, perhaps you should think about checking in a suitcase.

When flying with Albastar, with the exception of Infants, that is, children between 0 and 2 years, each passenger may check in one piece of luggage only.

Your suitcase must not be any bigger than the standard sizes specified in our check-in procedures. More simply, the sum of its height, width and depth must not exceed 158 cm, including any handles and pockets.

With regard to Albastar’s policy on the weight of your suitcase, you are entitled to check in a case weighing a maximum of:

  • 15 kg for charter flights
  • 20 kg for scheduled flights

If you are travelling with your family or with someone sharing the same booking as you and you turn up at the check-in together, you can combine the weight of your checked luggage for free.
Please remember however that, in accordance with international legislation, you may not check-in a suitcase weighing more than 32 kg.

But as you know, there are always exceptions to the rules. In fact, if you require special assistance, remember that this limitation does not apply to wheelchairs or certain bulky items that we at Albastar call SSR. To have any such items stowed in the hold, you will need to request advance authorisation from our company.

What are some of these articles for example?

  • musical instruments
  • filming equipment
  • golf bags
  • tool boxes

We would like to inform you that you will be required to pay a special fee to transport the items listed above.

In order to safeguard the safety of passengers and consequently your safety, Albastar not only implements luggage size rules, but also restricts the transport of certain items, such as, flammable liquids, self-defence sprays, toxic or poisonous substances.
A detailed list of prohibited items can be found on the travelling regulations page.

Has this article on Albastar’s luggage policy helped you?

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