Today we introduce Giuseppe Ortenzi, commanders

9 October 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Today we are in the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800 to introduce you one of our commanders: Giuseppe Ortenzi.
Here, Giuseppe will share with us his great passion and he will explain how his determination and commitment have played a key role in his life. Anyone curious about his story?

Giuseppe, when did you start dreaming of becoming a pilot?
I’ve always dreamed of being a pilot since I was a child. My dream intensified after the first experiences of flying on board an aircraft as a passenger.
I chose to undertake this very long journey at the age of 13 attending The State Aeronautical Technical Institute (Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico di Stato) in Rome to have a complete global education before starting to work on the achievement of the Commercial Pilot License CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence).
Once I got the specific qualification for the Boeing 737 (Type Rating), I started flying as an airline transport pilot on this type of aircraft and gained ten years of flying experience.
I also strengthened my relationship with Albastar after achieving the title of Commander that I have been exercising with extreme pleasure and dedication for about a year.

What advice would you give to the children/young people who would like to start this career?
My personal experience is the proof that if you want something strongly enough you can manage to get it.
Evidently, this job requires a lot of studying, concentration, willing to spend time away from home, excellent knowledge of foreign languages and a predisposition to operate your shifts on any day and especially at any time, of course in accordance with the “FTL” Flight Time Limitations.

My advice to young people is to follow their dream because anyone can achieve it, like I did. This is actually what I recommend to any person who asks me for an opinion.
Passion leads us to make many sacrifices with enthusiasm and to approach our studies better than ever.
This job also gives us a great deal of satisfaction at every stage, from the first flight without the supervision of an instructor to being the Commander of an aircraft, knowing that we have passed several exams necessary to complete a long and difficult career. This is very satisfying and you can achieve excellent results, especially if you start to work hard when you are very young, spending a lot of time studying.

Of course, a lot of effort is also needed with regard to other aspects of life such as the management of the family. It is very difficult to be able to manage relationships with the people you love when you are always away from home for many days, especially if you have very young children.
I found a way to manage my family activities by sharing all the aspects of my job with my wife. This way we are both able to take care of our two little girls who are four and two years old, staying in touch when I am away and planning a few moments to share together according to my work schedule.
When you become a professional pilot and you have a family, you can manage this aspect of your life if you commit to it, if you are passionate and determined. When we begin our journey to become pilots, we are aware that one day we will probably have to practice our job sharing it with our family.

What advice would you give to mothers and children who are taking a flight for the first time?
Traveling with children, especially if very young, is definitely a challenging experience for parents, and particularly if they do not have a deep knowledge of the operations of preparation and execution of the flight.
The major problem may be the number of bags and luggage they have with them. My recommendation is to check-in as many luggage as possible in order for the family to have less bags to carry with them during the pre and post flight phases.
As for other things, most airports are equipped with children’s play areas in order to let the parents relax when waiting for the flight. In addition, most air carriers prioritise families with children over other passengers when boarding, in order to make it easier for parents to manage their families at the airport and on the aircraft.

Giuseppe, is it true that children flying with Albastar can ask the flight attendants for the certificate of Baptism of Flight, which will be signed by the Commander?
During a trip with AlbaStar, any passenger who is flying for the first time can request this certificate that indicates the date, the flight number, the departure and the destination and finally the type of aircraft assigned to the flight in question. The certificate is then signed by the Commander & Senior Cabin Crew Member. The certificate, which is totally free of charge, is given to the passenger at the end of the flight. It is as a small gift by AlbaStar to remember the unique event.

Is it possible for the children to visit the cockpit and take a picture with the Commander?
Passengers can be allowed to access to the cockpit during the pre-flight and post-flight phases. However, considering all the tasks that the crew has to perform before departure, it is usually at the end of the trip when we have more time to spend with the passengers for a short visit to the cockpit.
During this phase you can meet the Commander, the First Officer and if you want you can take a picture with them both. In the “sterile cabin” phase, i.e. after the doors have been closed for departure and until they are reopened at the end of the flight, for safety reasons it is not possible to allow the access to the cockpit except for crew members.
When they consider it appropriate, passengers may ask the Senior Cabin Crew Member to be allowed to visit the cockpit at the end of the flight.

The job of the pilot has always been considered very exciting and evocative: it allows you to cross endless skies and visit the world – but that’s not all. Choosing to become a pilot means to carry out a job where it is required strong motivation and strong self-control as well as being ready to undertake many responsibilities.