Today we introduce Ettore Neglia, Aviation Security & Emergency Response Albastar’s Manager

12 November 2019

Come arrivare a Lourdes? Facile, volando con Albastar!

Since completing my studies, I have focused entirely on airport security.

I have to admit that initially this was purely coincidental, but, as time went by, I found myself becoming more and more captivated by the exciting world of security.

I started working 15 years ago in the security office at Madrid’s airport and, after working for 6 years as an AVSEC (Aviation Security) inspector at the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) – the Spanish agency for flight safety –, I am now proud to be in charge of Albastar’s security department.

When we talk about security, we mean prevention activities against acts of unlawful interference.
Our task is to apply national and international rules and regulations governing security aspects with respect to airlines, and to ensure compliance with the same by our staff and the companies working for us in the various airports in which we operate.

We do this by constantly updating applicable manuals and procedures to ensure compliance with IOSA’s stringent standards, as well as by adopting the continuous regulatory changes regarding a sector as critical as civil aviation.
Upon updating our manuals, we train our personnel by means of classroom-based and/or e-learning courses, guaranteeing learning quality levels based on final tests.

There is a practical part to this training, which includes security tests for cabin crew members; as from next year, specific training will be provided on the management of potentially dangerous passengers, including self-defence techniques, to ensure that our flights are not affected by this category of passengers.

Furthermore, every year we schedule a calendar of inspections and checks at the companies that provide us with services, in order to verify that the various operational processes are implemented according to AVSEC’s directives.

Another aspect that we take very seriously is the readiness to react to any kind of emergency. On a regular basis, we carry out small and large scale simulations to test the effectiveness of our ERP (Emergency Response Procedures) with respect to any type of inconvenience or accident that could occur to our aircraft and/or our facilities.

Unfortunately, terrorist threats continue to affect our sector and, therefore, we will continue to strive to guarantee the highest AVSEC standards at our company and, above all, on our flights.