There’s always a reason to go to Rome

11 May 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Rome, the eternal city, caput mundi of antiquity, seat of the Vatican and of the Papacy, final stop on the Via Francigena, the route that Saint Augustine travelled to venerate the relics of Saint Peter and Paul.

A pilgrimage is one of the reasons for going to Rome on a journey that includes numerous stops along the route of Christianity: so, comfortable shoes, rucksack and off you go exploring!

Where is a good place to start?

Definitely St. Peter’s Basilica and the papal tombs, including the most impressive buildings in the world embellished by the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, Raffaello, Bramante.

An itinerary that winds its way through the Vatican Museums where the popes have collected the best works of international artists in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with the beautiful rooms of Raffaello that astound visitors from all over the world.

The discovery continues with the important basilicas of the city such as Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano founded by Constantine I which was the residence of the Pope until the XV and Saint Paul Fuori le Mura, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
And finally? The participation in the Angelus or in the general audiences of Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square.

In short, this journey between art and faith is a reason to go to Rome which will remain in your heart, but as you can imagine it’s not the only reason…

And after a why there’s always a question about how to get to Rome.

With Albastar you can fly to the capital and admire its great beauty, starting for example from Lourdes on an ideal pilgrimage among the most popular religious tourism destinations. You can depart from May to October on Mondays and Thursdays, landing in Rome Fiumicino airport.
And if you are a pilgrim or a special passengers you will travel super pampered because we are the best airline for religious itineraries: we have earned the position as leader for the number of pilgrims transported and most of all, because we continue our professional development for the care and transport of people with reduced mobility.

Do you need special assistance?

Here you can find information on receiving adequate assistance that fits your needs: we work so that you enjoy your flying experience with peace of mind.
On all Albastar flights you can find the comfort and safety you were looking for.
Our fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technologically so that you can travel with complete peace of mind. Whatever your reasons for travelling, tourism or business, we do our best so that your arrival at destination is like a holiday inside a holiday.
And in fact, every year European tour operators, travel agencies and brokers choose us, but also, football teams, sports associations, businessmen and also hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to get to the most beautiful holiday destinations in Italy and Europe.
And Rome is one of these, the tossing of the coin in the Trevi fountain, going for a stroll in the Monti district along its narrow picturesque alleys, taking a photo together with the Colosseum’s fake gladiators, one of the most visited attractions by tourists as well as being a symbol of the city and its history.

Would you like to breathe in the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita?
Walk down the elegant Via del Babbuino and Via Condotti: if you are passionate about luxury shopping, it will feel just like heaven. A must for us at Albastar are also the contemporary exhibitions at the MAXXI Museum by the Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, the splendid parks of Villa Borghese and Villa Doria Pamphili where you can relax and get away from everything. And if your stomach starts to grumble, you can sit at a table with a nice plate of carbonara, perhaps in one of the trattorias of Trastevere, sipping red wine of the Roman castles.

Is your suitcase ready? Are you ready to fly with Albastar to visit Rome?

Start planning your trip now.