Holidays in Marsa Alam? Fly with Albastar from Milan Malpensa in September and October

6 September 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Why not fly with Albastar to Marsa Alam to keep the Summer going until the Autumn? It could be the right choice to reach one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean and continue to enjoy a few relaxing days before the cold weather arrives.

Just choose your date of departure and book a flight to begin your holiday in the Red Sea, with its silky white beaches and turquoise waters. In other words, a wonder to behold that is also refreshing for your body and mind. In fact, there are a multitude of reasons why you should fly here and numerous experiences to try before going home with lots of wonderful memories.

As you know, different types of locations are visited by tourists. Some places have been on the rise for years, while others have managed to preserve their charm far from the invasions of mass tourism.

Fly with Albastar on a direct flight from Milan Malpensa to Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a former fishing village located west of the Red Sea in one of the most unspoilt areas of the Egyptian coast. Today it has become an exclusive destination, ideal if you are a keen diver and snorkeller.

Its reef is intact and there are plenty of diving points both for novice divers and the more experienced. Here the coral reef is enchanting and there are a many species to become familiar with: turtles, rays, butterflyfish, Picassofish. Without mentioning all the coral and aquatic plants!

If you have just started to become acquainted with the underwater world, start diving in Abu Dabab where you can meet the gigantic and adorable Dugong, while the Dolphin House is the habitat of a dolphin community.
If the seabeds hold no secrets for you? You have probably heard of Elphinstone Reef, as well as Daedalus, Rocky Island and Zabargad, the three beautiful islands facing Marsa Alam.

But if you are travelling with your family, Marsa Alam is also suitable for small children.

Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday on its white beaches with shallow waters ideal for children. Among those to be seen, we at Albastar propose Abu Grusun, El Queseir with a crystal clear sea, the beach of Berenice and Turtle Bay, where you can swim with green turtles.
If you are looking for exotic horizons, a boat trip to the so-called Egyptian Maldives will leave you breathless. Inside the Wadi Gimal National Park, you will find dreamy atolls, soft sands and crystal clear water.

There are many other reasons to visit Marsa Alam if you buy a flight ticket to the Red Sea.

In addition to swimming in the sea, for example, you can shop in the traditional markets among the colourful souks in the characteristic neighbourhood of El Quseir or the task its typical cuisine that captures a triumph of scents and colours in its typical dishes such as shami, sambousek, falafel and the kalauwi.

And if you feel the lure of the desert, a safari is another experience to absolutely try between the hills of metamorphic rock and the wadis, the canyons that were originally formed by a river.

In Marsa Alam, safaris can also be experienced on the backs of camels, enjoying the magnificent peace of this habitat and potential staying a night to learn about the habits of the Bedouin communities.

The Red Sea is a fantastic destination and one of the many beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean that you can fly to with Albastar.


Start discovering them! Book your flight to Marsa Alam with us!


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