Flying with your furry friends: necessary documents

10 November 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Albastar is a pet friendly company that understands how important it is to be able to fly with your companion animals.
To guarantee an outstanding service, we would like share our airline’s pet transport policy with you.

The first thing to do when buying your ticket, is to ask for the carriage service for your four-legged friend: please bear in mind that you can travel with no more than one cat or one dog.
This policy obviously does not apply to passengers with visual impairments who need their guide dog to find their way.

Contact our Call Center now to check if you can travel with your pet.

Please remember in any event that your pet needs to have the appropriate valid documents to travel.

So what documents are necessary to allow pets on board?

First of all, you need your pet’s

  • Vaccination Booklet

This is a booklet that your veterinarian fills out with your data and that of your cat or dog, indicating your pet’s breed, age, coat, vaccination dates, vaccine batch and serial numbers. The information is dated and signed by your veterinarian.

  • Pet Passport

To obtain a passport, your furry friend must be microchipped. Your pet must also have been vaccinated against rabies between 30 days and 12 months prior to the relevant flight.

Please remember that Regulation (EC) no. 998/2003 sets out that, from 3 July 2004, dogs and cats must have a passport conforming with an EEC model progressively numbered on each page.

Your pet’s passport is a genuine identity document issued by your veterinarian that identifies its personal data and distinguishing marks, in addition to its health history, which is very important especially for travel abroad.
Please note that passengers are responsible for transporting their pets: check that your cat or dog is up to date with its vaccinations and that you have the correct the health documentation required by the country your are travelling to, because not all states follow the same rules.

Since legislation is updated, we advise you to also ask the embassy of the country where you are heading to for information.

Please also bear in mind that any pet flying with Albastar must be microchipped or tattooed with an identification number.

If the country you are flying to does not consider you four-legged friend’s documents to be in order or valid, we will be forced to charge you any fines imposed.

Particular attention should be paid when travelling outside the European Union: some countries, in fact, are not ready to accept animals yet, due to the risk of potential rabies transmission.

Please note that additional health records may be required, and sometimes your pet may even have to go into quarantine.

As you can see, flying with your pet is not complicated if you follow the procedures suggested. In fact, you do not have to produce heaps and heaps of documents.

Call or write to our Call Center: we are always ready to help you and provide you with the information you need.

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