Flying with pets: on board with cats, dogs and Albastar

23 April 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

If you are among those who consider your cat or your dog a part of the family and the idea of leaving them at home while you’re on holiday never once crossed your mind, then you should be aware that with Albastar every passenger can decide to travel with their four-legged friends.

By paying a supplement, you can only travel with cats and dogs as long as they don’t weigh more than 8 kg.

Since the flight should be a pleasant experience for everyone, Albastar accepts only three animals per flight on board. When buying your ticket, also ask for the carriage service for your four-legged friend: we would like to remind you that every passenger can travel with just one cat or one dog.

Passengers with visual disabilities may travel with their guide dog. The dog must travel on a leash and with a muzzle and is carried free of charge. If you belong to this category, we remind you that you will have to present an Assistance Dog Identification Card and that the documentation valid for air travel must be complete and in order.
Contact our Call Center to check if you can travel with our pet:

How should your cat or dog be transported on board?

Each passenger must ensure that their pet travels inside a carrier. This must have a waterproof bottom and ventilation holes.

Albastar respects the IATA guidelines that protect the safety and comfort of animals.

The size of the pet carrier should not exceed 45 x 35 x 25 cm. It must be placed on the floor, by your feet or under the seat, allowing the cat or dog to turn around and stand up. The carrier cannot be placed on an empty seat, nor can it be left on your lap. Remember that during both the boarding and landing process, you will have to keep your four-legged friend in the carrier.

What if it’s time to eat and your pet is hungry? You can bring on board food and drink containers ensuring that they are perfectly resealable.

We wish to remind you that if the ground and flight crew consider the carrier to be inadequate or unsafe, passengers will not be allowed to fly with their pets and they will not be accepted on board.
We are a pet-friendly airline, but Albastar does not allow animals on board that disturb or bother other passengers making their flight experience an unpleasant one: therefore, animals that smell, that are not in good health conditions and are aggressive, will not be allowed on board.
Please note that if you are travelling with an animal, our flight crew may ask you to change places for safety reasons.

There is another thing you need to do when flying with animals.

You have to take care of some formalities and make sure that the laws in the country you are going to:

  • allow cats and dogs to enter the country
  • that you are in compliance with the hygiene measures set out
  • that you have the necessary documentation for the ownership and transportation of your pet.

We would like to remind you that each passenger is, in fact, responsible for any fines imposed by the country of destination that might be applied to our airline if we are transporting animals that are not accompanied by the proper documentation.
Please be aware that on Albastar flights animals are not allowed to be transported in the hold and that in the event of non-compliance with our requirements we have the right to refuse boarding.
And since we are a pet-friendly airline and we know how important it is for each passenger to fly with their pets, please read all the provisions carefully and contact our Call Center if you have the slightest doubt or need further clarification.