Five rules for organising incentive and MICE tourism flights

2 December 2019

Come arrivare a Lourdes? Facile, volando con Albastar!

Among the various airlines, Albastar offers one of the most flexible and customized programme of flights to meet the needs of various categories of customers and multiple commercial partners, from tour operators to companies, to sports associations.

We have been awarded by this strategy: in a just few years we have become a leader in religious tourism, we have grown in the leisure sector with a fleet that is expanding, enabling us to increase the number of flights to the most beautiful destinations and cities in Italy and Europe: 2019 was a important year as we obtained IOSA Certification.

In addition: we have consolidated our experience with specific solutions for incentive flights and MICE tourism.

Putting your trust in a certified partner means flying with an airline that works to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Certification is only the beginning for us. By choosing Albastar, you are opting for an airline that aims to continuously improve both its overall organisation and each professional figure. This is achieved through technological innovation and a sense of responsibility shared by each member.

The partnerships established over the years have simplified the organisation of business travel for operators with whom we have entered into important synergistic agreements.

Our mission is summarised in Follow The Star: we are committed on a daily basis to guaranteeing every passenger a serene flight experience on comfortable, reliable and cutting-edge aircraft.

Through our experience, we are able to understand the needs of multiple customers. Our sales department is available to listen to the needs of each customer and plan charter flights on demand, putting flexible proposals together to offer guests the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences.

Incentive trips, which are a way for companies to reward those who have achieved certain goals, and MICE tourism, which includes travel related to meetings, seminars, fairs and conferences, represent a growing sector that moves a large number of people.

They are in fact an important resource for companies as they promote an increase in revenue: since significant investments are necessary, a complex organisational structure is required without room for improvisation.

So what rules do we apply for organising an incentive flight and for successful MICE tourism?

  • The first rule when organising any type of event, whether a trade fair to launch a product, a scientific conference, a sports team’s away game or a prize trip, is that even the smallest detail of the flight is to be taken care of: it marks in fact the beginning and the end of an experience that must be enjoyable at all times. Since promotional trips are directed at motivating or rewarding your employees, reinforcing a sense of belonging to a company or organisation, it is of fundamental importance that the air transportation is provided without so much as a hiccup.
  • The second is being able to count on staff who work with professionalism and who also have their heart in their work. Albastar’s staff, from check-in at the airport to the cabin crew on-board are qualified and multilingual. The courtesy, expertise and care of every individual working at our airline are qualities that make the difference. Our objective is to meet the specific needs of passengers, top managers, doctors, sportsmen. This focus, which distinguishes us, is one of the reasons why major Italian and foreign tour operators, brokers, incentive houses and sports associations have already chosen us
  • The third is the maximum customization of flights to promote your image inside the plane: Albastar provides you with the opportunity to carry out an on-board inspection to take a look at our aircraft. We can search for and select cabin crew members that are closer in line with the needs of the passengers you want us to transport. Thanks to our catering and banqueting services, we can provide personalised menus drawn up in accordance with your requests.
  • The fourth is the choice of destination, one of the fundamental factors that determines the success of an Incentive flight and of MICE tourism. Albastar’s fleet are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and all comforts, ensuring your guests will travel safely: we can operate on-demand flights to the national and international destinations of your choice. Our commitment is to relieve your business or association from any pre- or post-flight organisational issues: for example, trouble-free management of sports equipment such as skis, golf bags or musical instruments, which can be transported as hold luggage.
  • Last but not least is planning. We manage take-off and landing times rationally based on the timing of the event you have planned: we will take care of coordinating your guests and their suitcases on stop-offs.

What remains to be done? Please complete the form and contact our sales department: we will work to guarantee the incentive flight solution or MICE that best reflects your expectations.
And remember: those who choose our airline, #FollowTheStar!