5 Things to do this Spring in Mallorca

23 February 2020

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Good weather arrives and Mallorca becomes a very popular destination to enjoy a few days. From Albastar we recommend 5 places to visit during this spring.

La Seu Cathedral in Palma
The Palma de Mallorca Cathedral or ‘La Seu’, as it is known in Mallorca, is unmissable landmark, an incredible piece of architectural and artistic brilliance. Apart from being one of the most famous Gothic buildings in Europe, it represents Mallorca and is a symbol of the whole of the Balearic archipelago. It is considered one of the most magnificent buildings ever built. It is designed in the Gothic style but has had many influences over the centuries, including a contribution by Catalan legend Gaudi.

Train ride to Soller
Take a ride with the train and visit Soller. Its a great way to discover Mallorca and its beautiful landscapes. Since 1912 beginning in Palma a rustic old train with charm takes you though two local towns before reaching the Tramuntana mountains to Soller.

Cap Formentor is a zone where Sierra de Tramuntana meets the Mediterranean. Stunning by the beauty of the mountainous and costal landscapes. Check out the lighthouse, Faro de Formentor.

Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca. In the hills of the grand Tramuntana surrounded by forrest hills and luscious countryside its a popular destination for cyclist and hikers. This little village is relaxing and charming place to visit. The most famous landmark is the 13th century monastery where the composer Chopin spent the winter and composed some of his most loved works, including his Prelude in D flat major, appropriately known as the “Raindrop”.

Drach Caves
On the east coat of Mallorca these caves are one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. The caves hide one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world and are home to a wonderful display of stalactites and stalagmites. A boat trip through this mystical underground world is a must.