The first tip for flying serenely with babies? Choose Albastar!

27 June 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

The arrival of a baby brings so much happiness, but also a lot of turmoil in a family, inevitably changing their habits. Many parents even stop travelling believing it to be out of the question.
Are you one of these too? Do you think organising your holidays with a friend who panics at the first unexpected glitch rather than with a baby who may even sleep the entire flight?

Flying with newborn babies is not a mission impossible at all. You just need to take a few simple precautions and remain calm: remember that when a mother or father are serene, mini-travellers are also tranquil.

From a medical point of view, even small children do not undergo risks, unless they have specific pathologies. In any event, we at Albastar recommend that you never fly with a baby that is less than two weeks old.
Keep in mind that all our flight crew will do their best to make your trip enjoyable and relaxing.
Before giving you some advice on how to enjoy this experience, it is important for you to know our policy:

  • An infant is a child who is not yet 2 years old on the date of the return flight is considered.
  • Each Infant travels sitting in the arms of an adult, without taking up another seat, from take-off to landing. We will provide you with a special belt to fasten to yours so your baby will be even safer.
  • Since your baby travels at a reduced fee, calculated in accordance with distance and season, they are not entitled to their own registered luggage.
  • Adults accompanying an infant may take a changing bag on board containing food to be consumed during the flight.
  • Pushchairs can be used right up until boarding. The pushchair will be given back to you on board or with the other luggage when you arrive at your destination. Transport of pushchairs is free of charge.
  • If your child needs to take medication, remember to keep the prescription with the medicine.

And after all these rules, here are some tips on flying with very small children.

If your little one likes to be carried in a baby carrier, using one in addition to a pushchair may be a good solution, especially if you are the only adult travelling: having your hands free for luggage or to attend to necessary formalities will simplify things.
Without upsetting your baby’s routine, it is a good idea to ensure that the time of takeoff or landing coincide with that of their feed to avoid potential ear discomfort due to the sudden change in altitude.

If your baby is not hungry, you can give them their pacifier or a fruit juice they like.
Incidentally, it is better to have an additional pacifier and an extra bottle just in case they fall on the floor and need sterilising before using them again; it is wise then to bring a complete change of clothes, a supply of nappies and of course a large pack of baby wipes!

Although Albastar has precise restrictions in terms of liquids, you can transport baby food and foods such as formula milk – preferably not powdered milks to avoid having to decant liquids – or even fruit juices in the amounts strictly required for the flight.
Finally, remember to pack your infant’s rattle or favourite toy, blanket and soothing cloth that calm them down and make them feel closer to home.

Many parents write to us asking what documents are needed to fly with newborn children.

All passengers on board must have a valid identity card for travelling abroad if your destination is in Italy or in other European Union countries. If your travel destination is in a non-European country? Then get a passport for your child too.

To avoid any nasty surprises on arrival, always make sure you have the documentation requested by the customs authorities in your destination country before leaving.

Are you flying for the first time with your baby?

If it is your child’s first flight, ask the flight crew for give you a first flight certificate. It will be a nice memory to keep even when they are older.
Book your certificate: it is very simple and there is not a lot of paperwork to fill in!

Are our tips for flying with children clear? Do you need more information?

No problem: contact our call center immediately. Your plane is already on the runway and is waiting for you!