The Island of Lampedusa and its beauties

6 August 2021

Voli Lampedusa estate Albastar compagnia aerea

Lampedusa is an island in Sicily that is very famous for its crystal clear beaches, but there is more besides the sea. Let’s go to discover the wonders of this amazing island.

The island of Lampedusa is part of the Pelagie archipelago and is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, 113 km from the Tunisian coast.

It has an area of ​​20.2 square kilometers and the highest point of the island reaches 133 meters above sea level and is a magical place to admire the sunset.

Do you want to know which are the attractions that you absolutely must see? Here below you can find a list of white sand beaches and areas of unspoiled nature that will make your vacation unique and pleasant.

Rabbit Island

As the first attraction we mention the Island of Rabbits, not only because it is the most important beach but also because it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here the fine sand and the crystal clear water create a real paradise on earth, where relaxation is guaranteed.

The Rabbit Beach is part of one of the most precious marine protected areas in Italy and is the only breeding ground for the Caretta-Caretta turtle.

Cala Guitgia

Cala Guitgia is the first beach you find starting from Porto Nuovo. It is located a few steps from the town and a few meters from the port of Lampedusa and despite this, the sea waters are crystal clear, making it one of the most beautiful coves on the island.

Cala Creta

If you are a lover of wild nature and you like water sports such as snorkeling, Cala Creta is the destination for you. Here the beaches are mainly composed of rocks, ideal for diving and admiring the marine world under the water.

Cala Madonna

Famous for the sanctuary of the Madonna di Porto Salvo, Cala Madonna is a beach on the coast of Lampedusa that goes from Tabaccara to the port. It is a very small cove, just forty meters long and takes its name from the valley that begins a little further north, at about three hundred meters, where you can find the sanctuary of the Madonna di Porto Salvo.

Cala Pulcino

Cala Pulcino is considered a pearl of the island of Lampedusa and is located on the southern side of the island, near the beach of Conigli, about 27 km from the main town of the island.

What characterizes it are the fine sandy beaches and the rock formations of the surrounding area. Here it is possible to snorkel and go for walks to admire the surrounding canyons, caves and gorges that make the landscape an enchanting place.

Book an Albastar flight and fly to the island of Lampedusa, you can admire this and much more because what we have mentioned are just some of the attractions of the island of Lampedusa!

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