Yes, travel! But up until which month can you fly when you are pregnant?

16 September 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Many doubts arise when you are pregnant, even when you have to, for example, plan a pleasant event such as a holiday or when you need to go on a short business trip.
Furthermore, if your destination is far away and the most convenient means of transport is flying, then the uncertainties multiply.

The question as to up to which month you can fly arises spontaneously.

Generally speaking, there are no contraindications to flying for future mothers or unborn children, as long as the pregnancy is without complications and the mother is not in her final weeks of pregnancy.
Not even the changes in pressure and humidity that are normally present in the aircraft cabin are harmful or increase the risk of premature birth.
Expecting a baby does not mean that you have to stop travelling, but for your peace of mind, we at Albastar recommend that you see your gynaecologist before purchasing flight tickets. Once you have checked that everything is within the norm, pack your suitcase and show up at the departure gate!

What happens at security checks?

Many mothers write to us because they are afraid that metal detectors may somehow harm their child, but the controls are not risky since the radiation from the scanners used is low.
In any event, if you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you can ask the security personnel to carry out a physical search instead of going through the scanners used at airports.
This period is the most delicate for many women due to the unpleasant morning sickness, bouts of sleepiness, dizziness. These problems may occur not only during a flight, but also when travelling by car or sitting comfortably at home.
So why deprive yourself of a nice holiday that will help you recharge your batteries before your baby’s birth?
Our flight attendants will pamper you and do everything possible to make your journey a pleasant experience.

Here are some simple tips from Albastar to help you during your flight.

  • Position the safety belt under your belly
  • Wear compression stockings that improve circulation
  • Travel wearing loose clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Drink a lot to keep well hydrated
  • Get up often and do some exercises to stretch your legs
  • Change position frequently.

But let us see what Albastar’s policy is regarding expectant mothers.

Women during the last four weeks of pregnancy before the birth, that is, from the 36th week may not fly. From the 32nd to the 36th week, we kindly ask you to submit a doctor’s certificate affirming your fitness to fly. You will be required to sign a Liability Waiver.

If you are expecting more than one child, you can fly by exhibiting this certificate as early as the 28th week of pregnancy and no later than the 32nd, together with the aforementioned statement.

Please be aware that Albastar does not board future mothers with at-risk pregnancies even if a relevant doctor has issued a statement.
On last but important detail: you can only fly with us if your return flight is set for a date that does not exceed said limits.

Is up to which month you can fly if your are pregnant all clear? Call our CalCenter now before purchasing your tickets.


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