What to do if your baggage has been lost?

5 February 2019

Smarrimento bagagli Albastar

There is nothing more annoying than landing at an airport and not finding your baggage at the conveyor belt: you are there waiting patiently for it to peep out, but unfortunately, the minutes pass by and your suitcase is nowhere in sight.

Your common sense, and we at Albastar also suggest you take hand luggage with you, in addition to the one in the hold, where you can keep your valuables and a change of clothing, so that you are not forced to buy other clothes if your baggage gets lost.

For hold baggage it is always better to choose a resistant and cut-resistant suitcase. And remember to stick a label on it with your details. If you put a few precious items in it or anything that is very important to you, we suggest you make a declaration of value that will allow you receive adequate compensation in case your suitcase is lost.

In the event of loss, damage or tampering, Albastar enforces:

  • the rules of the 1999 Montreal Convention
  • General Rules (EC) 2027/97 as modified by the General Rules (EC) 889/02.

But let’s proceed in an orderly manner and see what you need to do in case of loss of luggage:

  • Go the airport’s Lost & Found at arrivals and report the loss requesting the PIR (Property Irregularity Report). Here you will provide a description of your baggage and you will tell them where you want it to be delivered.
  • Keep in touch with this office to find out whether they have found your baggage.
  • Within 21 days of completing the PIR or from the date of delivery, open the baggage claim with Albastar.

To open the claim with Albastar, you will need to transmit the documentation to provide proof of loss and allow us to better determine the extent of the loss sustained.

In case of delayed delivery or loss, send:

  • the PIR – Property Irregularity Report – issued by the airport of arrival (mandatory and fundamental document)
  • the baggage receipt and copy of the ticket;
  • a detailed list of the contents of the lost baggage and their value, dates and receipt of purchase
  • original receipts for expenses incurred for the purchase of basic necessities.

If your suitcase has been damaged or tampered with, here is what Albastar’s baggage policy states:

Within 7 days of completing the PIR you must send us:

  • the PIR – Property Irregularity Report – issued by the airport of arrival (mandatory and fundamental document)
    the baggage receipt and copy of the ticket;
  • a list of the missing items with indication of their weight
  • type and brand of the damaged baggage with indication of the value and date of purchase, together with a photograph;
  • original repair receipt that shows how much you spent to repair the baggage or if it is beyond repair, a statement by the seller certifying the impossibility to repair the baggage.

Remember to give Albastar your name and surname, complete address and telephone number where we can contact you, as well as bank details for any compensation, such as IBAN code, BIC/SWIFT codes and name of account holder.

Please send all the documentation via registered post to:

Apartado de Correos 5366
E-07011 Palma de Mallorca
Isole Baleari – Spain


Or by filling in the appropriate form in full.



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