Are you new parents? Here are some tips to fly with infants

5 August 2019

Volare a Maiorca con Albastar

Life changes completely when a baby is born and travelling with a newborn can be a groundbreaking experience. Many doubts arise especially if you’re flying for the first time with your baby.

If you choose to fly with Albastar, you and your baby will be in excellent hands. In general, flying with an infant, that is a child under the age of two at the time of travel, is quite simple because they sleep for most of the journey.
It seems appropriate to give you some advice so that you and your family can face this experience with peace of mind, especially if in addition to the baby you also have an older child. Have you already read our article about tips for travelling with children?


But let’s go back and talk about “the newcomer” in the family!

  • We recommend that you do not travel with infants under two weeks old.
  • Try to breastfeed/bottlefeed your baby during take-off or landing which are the most “delicate” moments for their ears due to pressure: breastfeeding, sucking on a bottle or a dummy will reassure them and help minimise the discomfort.
  • Do you use formula milk? The most convenient way to bottlefeed your baby is to use ready-made formula: it will avoid bringing along measuring cups, sterilisers and various accessories. Prepare the number of bottles you will need. Please remember that milk and baby food are considered essential items: after having gone through the appropriate checks at security, you can even take quantities greater than 100ml on board.
  • You can also use a baby carrier or baby sling: it allows you to have your hands free to carry bags and documents to be shown at the Albastar check-in.
  • To travel in Europe, an infant must have a valid identity card or a personal passport in addition to a travel document valid until the age of 15, consisting of a certificate of birth and citizenship. In Italy this is not necessary, but it is always best to have the child’s identity card.
  • Always have an extra change of clothing for you, a bodysuit for your baby and don’t forget to bring their nappies and a wet bag to store used nappies.
  • Pack a mini first aid kit with antipyretics, teething gel, anti-mosquito repellent spray and anything else you feel is necessary based on your destination.

And what about flight safety?

For Albastar, infants must travel seated in their mother or father’s arms and each adult can fly with only one child each under two years of age. But don’t panic: your child will be fastened with a further seat belt attached to yours.

We offer newborns a special rate which is calculated each time based on the destination you have chosen and the flight period.

Please note: babies are not entitled to carry baggage in addition to that of the accompanying adult, but their pushchair is transported free of charge and you can keep the baby’s changing bag with you in the cabin.

Do you want to know another valuable tip for flying with babies and for making the experience much easier?

More than anything else, all children need to be reassured. Don’t forget their blanket, dummy (it’s always a good idea to bring along a spare one!) and their favourite soft toy. You can perhaps play a new game that will intrigue and entertain them during most of the journey.
And that’s not all: our airline has a surprise in store for you and your baby: request your First Flight Certificate which will remind you of your child’s first flight. This is a special moment for your family which must be remembered.
Do you still have questions or doubts after reading our tips for flying with younger children?
Contact our Call Center: #flyalbastyle!


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