The TTG Incontri Fair in Rimini, Albastar presents its commercial activity 2018/2019
10 October 2018

AlbaStar, the private Spanish airline company, will be present at the TTG Incontri fair in Rimini, from 10 to 12 October, at pavilion A1, stand 028.

Engaged in the complete renewal of the fleet, consisting in the phase-in of the new Boeing 737- 800 NG and in the obtainment of the IOSA certification, AlbaStar looks pleased at the meeting with the reference market after summer 2018, which recorded a positive trend in line with expectations, with over 11 thousand hours of flight and with a turnover of around €77 million.  For the fiscal year-end closing in progress, expected next 31st October, the results confirm a positive and upward trend, with about + 25% of traffic volume compared to last year.

In line with the development plan, AlbaStar’s fleet now comprises six aircrafts, three Boeing 737-800 (outfitted with 189 seats in one class) and three Boeing 737-400 (outfitted with 170 seats in one class) and the addition of a fourth Boeing 737-800 is expected to enter the fleet in the first half of 2019, which will allow AlbaStar to expand its range of operations and the network of destinations served. 

With three operational bases in Palma de Mallorca, Milan Malpensa and Milan Bergamo, AlbaStar today offers the market a functional and flexible business model that includes national and international connections, both for on-demand and scheduled traffic and has acquired numerous prestigious clients including European Tour Operators and Brokers.

For the upcoming winter season, AlbaStar confirms its scheduled flights to the airport of Catania for the fourth consecutive year, with flights leaving from Milan Malpensa and Milan Bergamo and introduces new connections to the airport of Palermo from Milan Bergamo airport. 

With regard to charter flights, the carrier announces direct flights to Northern Europe in collaboration with the tour operator Giver Viaggi: Rovaniemi (Lapland), in December 2018 and January 2019 and it reconfirms its connections to Norway, with no-stop direct flights to Bodø starting from next June 2019 with the addition of Tromsø starting from February 2019.

The carrier confirms its annual programme to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, South Tenerife, Lanzarote, Las Palmas) and the Red Sea (Sharm-el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam) from Milan Malpensa, Milan Bergamo and Verona. Collaborations with incentive house and sports associations will continue to have an important role for the scheduling of ad hoc flights throughout the year.  

The organisation of its commercial activities for summer 2019 is already underway and AlbaStar reaffirms its full commitment as the reference airline for European leisure travel with links to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Red Sea, Greece, Israel, Italy and pilgrimage destinations.

With regard to religious and pilgrimage tourism, charter flights toand Medjugorie are confirmed by a vast Italian and European network. From May 2019 to October 2019, scheduled flights to Lourdes are reconfirmed from Rome (Monday and Thursday) and from Milan Bergamo (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

There has been an increase in incoming flights to the airport of Palma de Mallorca from Northern Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland and Israel.

Albastar's programme is now available on the website, on the Amadeus (using the AP code) and BSP Italy and France (using code W2) reservation systems and in major and main O.T.A.

Albastar leads the way for special category passengers
17 July 2018

Albastar S.A, the Spanish charter airline headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain – renowned for its leading position in the carriage of disabled passengers (now termed Special Category Passengers) and Europe’s leading pilgrimage carrier serving Lourdes (France) has successfully carried out tests to evacuate large groups of SCPs (fully immobile) from one of its Boeing 737 aircraft.

Michael Harrington, Albastar’s Managing Director who designed and managed the testing with Albastar’s Quality team stated the following:

“Today’s tests show that it is possible to evacuate a large group of immobile SCP passengers safely from a Boeing 737 well within the 90 second permitted time using specially developed procedures.  Albastar has successfully undertaken these tests to prove to many organizations who transport SCPs that flying is a viable and safe way of transport, and we have put an end to the myth that such evacuation considerations quoted by other airlines should severely limit the number of SCPs allowed on board.

We thank UNITALSI, Italy’s leading organisation for the transport of disabled persons, for assisting these tests and helping to develop better procedures for the handing of our SCPs.

The results of our tests and techniques developed will now be submitted to our Aviation Authorities in the hope this will form the basis of new rules and procedures to be developed which will allow more SCPs to fly and be safe.  Albastar cabin crew are very special, training each winter in the Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo, Spain amongst other specialist courses, to provide the organizations who carry significant groups of SCPs with the support required.

Albastar Airlines operates six Boeing 737 aircraft (from this summer three B737-800NG aircraft and three B737-400 aircraft) from its principal bases in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Milan Malpensa, Italy. 

The airline serves the charter market for some of Europe’s leading Tour Operators and has also become the leading pilgrimage airline serving Lourdes, France. 

Founded in 2010 by a group of Italian and UK private investors the airline has enjoyed a very successful growth and today serves over 130 destinations in Europe, Israel and Egypt, some 45 destinations just from Lourdes.

For further information please contact:

Albastar flies to the Valencia Marathon in collaboration with That Aviation Italia
09 May 2018

For the third year running, Albastar, the private Spanish airline that provides national and international scheduled, on-demand and leisure flights, in collaboration with That Aviation Italia, the airline broker specialised in ad hoc sports-relatedflights have organised a direct connection from Milan Malpensa to Valencia, for the Thirty-eighth Valencia Marathon on 2 December 2018, departure from Milan on 30.11.18 and return flight on 03.12.18.

The best travel agencies in the sector are participating in the initiative, which has been very successful in the past editions.

The flight will be operated by a Boeing 737-800 fitted with 189 seats in one class.

Cost of return flight (departure on 30.11.18 – return on 03.12.18): €289 tax included (airport assistance, hand baggage and hold baggage included)


For further information and booking:



ALBASTAR S.A. : – Call Center Albastar  +39 095 311 503,

ORP and Albastar renew their partnership
02 May 2018

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi and AlbaStar renew their strategic partnership, which began last year, for 2018providing a joint airline service between the French airport of Lourdes  and  the Roman airport, Fiumicino. In addition to offering direct scheduled flights, operated by AlbaStar every Monday and Thursday, the partnership provides integrated flight services that will enrich the spiritual experience of pilgrims on arrival at their destination.

Thanks to this alliance with Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, flights departing from Rome Fiumicino have recorded an increase of 20% compared to previous years and results continue to be satisfactory.

Over the years, AlbaStar has successfully established itself as the leading airline company for connections to the French city of Lourdes, with flights departing from several European airports. The company, whose airline activity to this destination began in 2015, has become a primary European partner for pilgrimage tourism.

In 2017, AlbaStar transported approximately 75,000 pilgrims, with flights departing from forty-five airports between Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. The specialised training in hospitals of its cabin crew for the care and assistance of people with reduced mobility, combined with the utmost dedication to pilgrims, have allowed the airline to offer its passengers, including those who need to be transported on stretchers, a high-quality service.

Flights are operated using a fleet of six aircrafts, three Boeing 737-400 fitted with 170 seats in a single class and three Boeing 737-800, fitted with 189 seats in a single class.

“The partnership with AlbaStar - declares Mons. Remo Chiavarini, Managing Director of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi - allows us to provide a service, throughout the entire season, for pilgrims who wish to reach Lourdes, which has been a place of hope and grace for women and men of our time for over 160 years. To experience pilgrimage with ORP allows people to enjoy the beauty of Faith as a community, breathing in the true sense of ecclesiality. 

Things to discover in Lourdes
25 March 2018

Settled in the southwestern France, Lourdes is one of the most popular places in the world for a pilgrimage. Each year, millions of tourists visit its religious sites. Either visiting Lourdes for a pilgrimage or just for an unforgettable vacation, Lourdes is best visited with family. Find out the eight best things to do in Lourdes, France.

Visit the most religious place in Lourdes: The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is the main reason tourists from all over the world come to visit Lourdes. You must not miss this one, since it is the most religious site in Lourdes. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is a must-visit. St. Bernadette Soubirous experienced her first vision in 1858 in the grotto, the spot for pilgrimage.

Next-door to the Basilica, this grotto is a pilgrim hot-spot, with visitors in line for half the day to wait to dip themselves in the freezing pool or to light a candle just outside.



Enjoy the most breathtaking view of Lourdes from Funiculaire du Pic du Jer

This 950m mountain dominates Lourdes, providing an unforgettable panorama over the town and mountains. You can descend on foot or by mountain bike, following marked trails.

Wonder at the Château-Fort De Lourdes

The fortress of Lourdes is the town’s only major secular attraction, on top of a rocky outcrop on the edge of the city. The ascent is a steep, but short and rewarding walk.

Maison Paternelle de Bernadette

This location is another place where Bernadette and her family lived later on in their life. It is said that they lived there after 1858 when the apparitions occurred. The house has been restored and is now a museum related to the family. You can even see Bernadette’s old bedroom. During much of the time that the family lived in this home, Bernadette was living in the nearby convent. This is considered to be her mother’s home while Le Cachot, the more popular shrine was the home of her father.

5 Things to do this Spring in Mallorca
22 March 2018

Good weather arrives and Mallorca becomes a very popular destination to enjoy a few days. From Albastar we recommend 5 places to visit during this spring

La Seu Cathedral in Palma

The Palma de Mallorca Cathedral or ‘La Seu’, as it is known in Mallorca, is unmissable landmark, an incredible piece of architectural and artistic brilliance. Apart from being one of the most famous Gothic buildings in Europe, it represents Mallorca and is a symbol of the whole of the Balearic archipelago. It is considered one of the most magnificent buildings ever built. It is designed in the Gothic style but has had many influences over the centuries, including a contribution by Catalan legend Gaudi.

Train ride to Soller

Take a ride with the train and visit Soller. Its a great way to discover Mallorca and its beautiful landscapes. Since 1912 beginning in Palma a rustic old train with charm takes you though two local towns before reaching the Tramuntana mountains to Soller.


Cap Formentor is a zone where Sierra de Tramuntana meets the Mediterranean. Stunning by the beauty of the mountainous and costal landscapes. Check out the lighthouse, Faro de Formentor.


Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca. In the hills of the grand Tramuntana surrounded by forrest hills and luscious countryside its a popular destination for cyclist and hikers. This little village is relaxing and charming place to visit. The most famous landmark is the 13th century monastery where the composer Chopin spent the winter and composed some of his most loved works, including his Prelude in D flat major, appropriately known as the „Raindrop".



Drach Caves

On the east coat of Mallorca these caves are one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. The caves hide one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world and are home to a wonderful display of stalactites and stalagmites. A boat trip through this mystical underground world is a must.

At the TTG Incontri Trade Exhibition in Rimini Albastar presents the commercial programmes 2017/2018
16 October 2017

Albastar, the private Spanish airline, is an exhibitor at the TTG Incontri trade exhibition held in Rimini from 12-14 October located in Hall A5, stand 060.

With totally renewed styling, including an elegant livery that “outfits” the new Boeing 737- 800 NG aircraft complemented by stylish uniforms for flight crew, the carrier projects satisfaction at its encounter with the market of reference after a Summer 2017 season that noted an uptrend, with over 9,000 hours of flight time and a turnover exceeding 64 million euro. In its seven years of activity, over 2 million passengers have been transported totalling over 25,000 hours of flight time. To close out the fiscal year, ending on 31 October, the results confirm a positive trend constantly on the upswing, with a 15% increase in traffic volume over the previous year, taking into consideration the investments made in the fleet renewal.

In line with the development plan, the Albastar fleet comprises six aircraft - two Boeing 737-800 (configured with 189 seats in a single class) and four Boeing 737-400 (configured with 170 seats in a single class). Adding to the fleet within the first quarter of 2018 will be a third Boeing 737-800 that will allow Albastar to further extend its business offer by expanding operations and the network of destinations served.

With an organisation counting some 200 employees, Albastar offers the market a functional and flexible business model that provides national and international flights both for on-demandand scheduled traffic, and has acquired many prestigious clients among Tour Operators and Brokers, including Eden Viaggi, Viaggi del Turchese, Futura Vacanze, Settemari, Unitalsi, Brevivet, Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, Rusconi Viaggi, Italy Aviation Service, That Aviation, Air Partner, Astra Charter, Classic Air, Tui U.K., Costa Cruises, Pullmantur Cruceros, Travelplan, JoeWalsh Tours, UIP and Tangney Tours.

For the upcoming winter season, Albastar confirms for the third consecutive year flight service to the Catania airport, with departures from Barcelona (a new entry), Milano Malpensa, Milano Bergamo and Verona.

For charter flights, instead, the airline announces direct flights to Northern Europe in partnership with the tour operator Giver Viaggi: Rovaniemi in December and January; and Norway starting in June 2018.

Also confirmed is the annual flight schedule serving the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, South Tenerife, Lanzarote, Las Palmas) from Milano Malpensa, Milano Bergamo and Verona; and the Red Sea (Sharm-el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam) from Milano Malpensa and Verona. Playing an important role, now and increasingly in the future, are the partnerships with incentive housesand sports associations for programming of ad hoc flights during the entire year. 

Already at work for the next summer 2018 season, Albastar again positions itself as an airline of reference for the European leisure market with flight connections to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Cape Verde, Red Sea, Israel and Italy. For pilgrimages and religious tourism, flights are confirmed for Lourdes and Medjugorie from a wide network in Italy and Europe. A growth area is also incoming traffic to the airport of Palma de Mallorca from Northern Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Important developments also regard distribution: Albastar’s goal is to expand and diversify its offer by engaging more and more with the B2C market, while maintaining its own core business. Albastar’s flight schedule is now available through the reservation systems Amadeus, GalileoSabreTravelport and the major and main O.T.A.

Albastar celebrates its seventh anniversay
31 July 2017

On 31 July 2010, the aircraft Boeing 737-400 EC-LAV named “Pino D’Urso”, took off from Milano Malpensa Airport and landed on the Greek island of Rhodes marking the start of Albastar's activity. In seven years, Albastar has connected major Spanish and Italian airports to the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Middle East, the Atlantic Islands, North Africa, pilgrimage destinations and several European capitals.

Michael Harrington, the airline's Managing Director celebratingwith the employees remarked: “We have carried over one million passengers safely and in Albastar's unique style consisting in courtesy and professionalism, with 25,000 flying hours to date. In line with our development plan, Albastar's commercial fleet now has six aircrafts, two Boeing 737-800 (outfitted with 189 passenger seats in one class) and four Boeing 737-400 (outfitted with 170 passenger seats in one class), of which two are owned by Albastar.  A third Boeing 737-800 is expected to arrive before the end of the year, which will allow Albastar to extend its offer by expanding its range of operations to medium-haul destinations."

The airline has grown to over 220 employees and today offers a functional, varied and flexible business model that provides national and international flights and has acquired a number of prestigiousTour Operators and Brokers, such as Eden Viaggi, Viaggi del Turchese, Futura Vacanze, Settemari, Unitalsi, Brevivet, ORP, Rusconi Viaggi, Italy Aviation Service, That Aviation, Air Partner, Tui, Costa Cruises, Pullmantour, JoeWalsh Tours, UIP e Tangney Tours. In addition to being a reference for leisure travel and on-demand flights, Albastar has establisheditself as a leading European airline for flights to pilgrimage destinations with a focus on the transport of PRM passengers.

Battesimo del Boeing 737-800 EI-IAS, nuova livrea e nuove uniformi del personale navigante
22 June 2017

Con il pay-off FlyAlbaStyle, Albastar presenta a Milano Malpensa il nuovo Boeing 737-800 next generation denominato “Eden” e le nuove uniformi del personale navigante.

A poche settimane dal settimo anno di attività, iniziata il 31 luglio 2010 con il decollo del primo il Boeing 737-400 EC-LAV denominato “Pino D’Urso”, Albastar, compagnia aerea privata spagnola, presenta il totale restyling della propria immagine che, seguendo il nuovo pay-off FlyAlbaStyle, anticipa la rivoluzione stilistica del vettore.

Davanti a un pubblico di oltre cento invitati tra autorità, giornalisti e partner commerciali, presso l’aeroporto di Milano Malpensa, base operativa italiana del vettore, in collaborazione con Sea Aeroporti Milano, giovedì 22 giugno è il momento di celebrare tante novità, partendo dall’arrivo del primo Boeing 737-800 next generation, che veste una nuova ed elegante livrea: al colore rosso iniziale si è aggiunto un bel colore verde su una parte della fusoliera e della coda, dove spicca la storica “A” iniziale del nome del vettore. Una dedica anche al “made in Italy”, che decolla nelle raffinate uniformi del personale navigante, questa volta studiate e prodotte interamente da un team di artigiani italiani, che sono blu e rosse come gli interni del nuovo B737-800 e anch’esse prevedono, come per la coda dell’aereo,  l’introduzione di alcuni dettagli in verde.

Per il primo Boeing 737-800, matricola EI-IAS, è stato scelto un nome evocativo “Eden”, in omaggio e in onore del primo e storico partner commerciale italiano della compagnia aerea, Eden Viaggi, che fin dalla nascita di Albastar ha programmato parte della propria attività di corto-medio raggio con il vettore e il cui padron il Presidente Cav.Lav. Nardo Filippetti, in qualità di “padrino dell’evento”, ha presenziato al taglio del nastro e al battesimo dell’aeromobile avvenuto come da tradizione sotto il suggestivo arco degli idranti dei Vigili del Fuoco.

In linea con il piano di sviluppo, la flotta commerciale di Albastar è oggi composta da sei aeromobili, due Boeing 737-800 (configurati a 189 posti in classe unica) e quattro Boeing 737-400 (configurati a 170 posti in classe unica). L’ingresso in flotta dei Boeing 737-800 permetterà ad Albastar di estendere la gamma delle proprie operazioni oltre le destinazioni europee. Per quanto riguarda il network estivo, Albastar offrirà collegamenti diretti in partenza dai maggiori aeroporti spagnoli, italiani ed europei e in collaborazione con numerosi tour operator europei, verso alcune delle più importanti e conosciute mete di vacanza: Isole Baleari, Isole Canarie, Isole Greche, Sud Italia (Catania e Lamezia Terme), Israele, Mar Rosso, capitali europee, mete di pellegrinaggio e le new entries Capo Verde (Isola del Sal) da Milano Bergamo e Tangeri da Palma di Maiorca.  

Il progetto delle nuove uniformi, sia dei piloti che degli assistenti di volo, nasce dall’ascolto delle esigenze del personale navigante ed è frutto della creatività della Sig.ra Daniela Caruso, Presidente di Albastar e da consulenti con esperienza nell’alta moda. Ogni dettaglio è stato esaminato, per rendere l'uniforme piacevole da indossare e non solo esteticamente. Particolare fascino e dinamismo ha la divisa delle hostess composta da quattro combinazioni differenti: le assistenti di volo possono scegliere se indossare pantaloni, gonna o abito, e a loro piacimento, la gonna potrà essere rossa o blu. I tessuti selezionati sono di primissima qualità, ricercati affinché siano confortevoli, naturali, morbidi da indossare e durevoli. Dotata di elementi utili, sono state studiate tutte le esigenze del nostro personale di cabina, dall’imbarco al servizio a bordo, al fine di fornire sempre una soluzione elegante ma confortevole. Anche la storica mantella rossa “la capa” di Albastar è stata ridisegnata, al fine di presentare un out-fit moderno. 

Inoltre, Albastar rinnova la collaborazione con Opera Italia Srl per la distribuzione della rivista di bordo Viaggi del Gusto magazine, giornale diretto da Domenico Marasco. VdG magazine, nella sua edizione personalizzata per Albastar, è un mensile di approfondimento sul mondo del turismo, dei viaggi, dell’enogastronomia, delle manifatture e del Made in Italy nella sua accezione più ampia. Una rivista-contenitore, pressoché esclusiva in Italia, sull’Italia delle “3 b” (il bello, il buono, il ben fatto) la cui mission è promuovere le eccellenze nazionali e, di conseguenza, i territori di riferimento, grazie all’apporto di firme eccellenti della stampa di settore e di autorevolissimi esperti provenienti dal mondo accademico e delle professioni.

“Nel corso degli anni, la passione per il nostro lavoro e la proposta di un prodotto flessibile e di qualità, attento alle esigenze del mercato e dei passeggeri, ci hanno premiato e Albastar è riuscita ad affermarsi come compagnia aerea di riferimento per numerosi clienti italiani. A tutti loro va il mio ringraziamento, per aver creduto nel nostro progetto imprenditoriale e manageriale, per averci permesso di crescere e di prevedere sempre nuovi traguardi da raggiungere. Un pensiero speciale va a tutto il team di Albastar, un gruppo di professionisti che lavora con ottimismo e la massima dedizione”, commenta Giancarlo Celani, Chief Commercial Officer del vettore.    

“SEA è felice di vedere scelto l’aeroporto di Milano come passerella per la presentazione dei nuovi elementi distintivi che caratterizzano il Brand di Albastar.  Malpensa sta vivendo un periodo magico con il traffico passeggeri in crescita costante oramai da due anni, in forte accelerazione da novembre con una crescita ultimi 8 mesi di oltre il 14% e del 13% nel comparto merci – ha dichiaratoAndrea Tucci Direttore Aviation Business Development di SEA. L’aeroporto ha oramai un portafoglio invidiabile di destinazioni servite avendo in questa stagione superato la soglia delle 200. Dobbiamo ringraziare vettori come Albastar che si affidano alla qualità della nostra infrastruttura ed al potenziale di mercato che ruota intorno al nostro aeroporto, per gli investimenti e per la crescita di valore che questi portano sul territorio. Ne è testimonianza, oggi, la presentazione del nuovo B737-800 Neo, uno degli aeromobili più efficienti e tecnologicamente avanzati , che sarà impiegato da Albastar su Malpensa.

Infine, Albastar ringrazia Eden Viaggi e il Suo Presidente Cav.Lav. Nardo Filippetti per avere creduto nella compagnia aerea fin dalla sua nascita, sette anni fa. Il nome “Eden” dato al nuovo B737-800 è un omaggio al Tour Operator  e un augurio di sempre più grandi successi reciproci.

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi: Lourdes per tutti
08 June 2017

L’Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi ha stretto un accordo con la compagnia aerea Albastar, basato sulla programmazione dei voli di linea diretti a Lourdes e operati ogni lunedì e giovedì, che prevede una proposta di servizi integrati rivolti al cliente finale con lo scopo di arricchire l’esperienza spirituale di ogni pellegrino che raggiunge la propria meta.   

Giovedì 8 giugno alle ore 11.00, nella sede del Palazzo del Vicariato Vecchio (via della Pigna 13 a),verrà presentata la partnership e illustrata la collaborazione strategica che prevede collegamenti aerei per raggiungere direttamente la città francese di Lourdes dall’aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino. 

Nel corso degli anni, Albastar è riuscita ad affermarsi come compagnia aerea leader per i collegamenti verso la città francese di Lourdes, con voli in partenza da più aeroporti europei. Proprio verso questa destinazione inizia nel 2015 l’attività di linea del vettore, diventando un partner europeo primario per il traffico religioso, trasportandovi ogni anno circa 80.000 pellegrini. Inoltre, la formazione del personale di cabina presso ospedali specializzati per la cura e l'assistenza di persone con mobilità ridotta, unitamente alla massima dedizione nell'approccio ad ogni pellegrino, hanno permesso alla compagnia aerea di raggiungere una elevata qualità nei servizi di assistenza ai proprio passeggeri. 

La nuova collaborazione tra l’ORP e il vettore aereo, ha permesso l’accelerazione di un progetto che l’Opera e il Santuario di Lourdes stavano studiando da tempo. Il progressivo cambio generazionale nel mondo dei pellegrinaggi, con l’avvento della possibilità di prenotare on line aerei alberghi e servizi sta portando sempre più pellegrini ad arrivare a Lourdes in maniera autonoma. Il servizio che per molti anni Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi ha svolto dall’Italia accompagnando decine di migliaia di pellegrini ogni anno alla Grotta di Massabielle, ora lo svolgerà anche accogliendo i pellegrini individuali di lingua italiana direttamente a Lourdes e guidandoli nel vivere un’esperienza unica.

LOURDES PER TUTTI by ORP è il nuovo progetto che prevederà la presenza di personale ORP all’aeroporto di Tarbes-Lourdes e all’interno del Santuario per accogliere i pellegrini offrendo il kit del pellegrino che “La collaborazione tra il Santuario e ORP propone ai pellegrini individuali di entrare in un cammino di fede che sia personale sì ma anche comunitario. Si tratta di proporre a coloro che hanno sentito parlare di Lourdes o che conoscono già i luoghi del pellegrinaggio, di essere accompagnati, passo dopo passo, nel loro cammino per lasciarsi cogliere ed accompagnare dalla grazia. Un pellegrinaggio è un incontro con Dio, con gli altri, con sé stessi. Ed è questo l’obiettivo che il progetto mira a raggiungere.” afferma Mons. D’Arodes de Peyriague Vice-Rettore del Santuario di Lourdes e Coordinatore Pastorale Internazionale.

Abbiamo messo a disposizione del Santuario la nostra pluriennale esperienza di accoglienza dei pellegrini a Roma. L’Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi ha intercettato i cambiamenti avvenuti nel mondo del pellegrinaggio e oggi si apre ai pellegrini individuali, ai giovani, alle famiglie, con voli diretti low cost e una serie di servizi che permetteranno a tutti di vivere l’esperienza a Lourdes, sempre unica e toccante, in modo del tutto innovativo” afferma Mons. Liberio Andreatta,Amministratore Delegato dell’Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi.

I primi due Boeing 737-800 new generation entrano nella flotta di Albastar
10 May 2017

Albastar, compagnia aerea spagnola a capitale privato con sede a Palma di Maiorca, arricchisce la propria flotta con l’arrivo di due Boeing 737-800 next generation (marca di registrazione EI-IAS e EI-GAT).

In linea con il piano di sviluppo che stimava la progressiva immissione in servizio di due velivoli aeromobili Boeing 737-800 a partire dalla stagione estiva 2017, gli aeromobili si aggiungono agli attuali quattro Boeing 737-400 presenti nella flotta di Albastar, portando a sei il totale degli aerei.

Gli aeromobili, dotati della una nuova livrea aziendale, sono configurati a 189 posti in classe unica e saranno basati in Italia presso l’aeroporto di Milano Malpensa e Milano Bergamo.

Il B737-800 next generation rappresenta uno degli velivoli più rispettosi dell'ambiente con basse emissioni di rumore e di CO2 e il suo ingresso in flotta permetterà ad Albastar di estendere la gamma delle proprie operazioni oltre le destinazioni europee.

Per quanto riguarda il network estivo, Albastar offrirà collegamenti diretti in partenza dai maggiori aeroporti spagnoli, italiani ed europei e in collaborazione con numerosi tour operator, verso alcune delle più importanti e conosciute mete di vacanza: Isole Baleari, Isole Canarie, Isole Greche, Israele, Mar Rosso, Capitali Europee e mete di pellegrinaggio. 

Per ulteriori informazioni:

Albastar S.A. a accueilli le premier des 2 B737/800 de nouvelle génération.
04 May 2017

Albastar S.A., une des compagnies aériennes charter leader en Espagne, a accueilli aujourd´hui le premier des 2 B737/800 de nouvelle génération qui vont compléter, avec les 4 B737/400, une flotte de 6 avions pour la saison été 2017.

Les avions, configurés en 189 sièges et aux couleurs de la nouvelle identité corporative de la compagnie, seront basés en Italie (Milan-Malpensa et Bergame).

Le B737/800 de nouvelle génération est un des avions les plus respectueux envers l’ environnement grâce à des niveaux de bruit et d’ émission de CO2 trés bas.

Qui plus est, cet appareil permettra à Albastar d’ élargir son réseau d’ opérations au delà des destinations européennes

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Vols à destination de Lisbonne et Porto au départ de l?aéroport de Bergame ? Orio al Serio
07 February 2017

Brevivet et Duomo Viaggi, à l’occasion du premier centenaire des Apparitions Mariales de Fatima, présentent un projet conjoint pour des nouvelles liaisons aériennes assurées par Albastar afin de pouvoir atteindre Lisbonne et Porto à partir de l’Aéroport de Bergame – Orio al Serio.  


Un vol direct pour Lisbonne sera assuré tous les lundis, à partir du 20 avril jusqu’au 4 juin et du 28 août au 14 septembre ; au cours de la même période, un vol direct pour Porto sera garanti tous les jeudis, pour un total de 14 départs et presque 2 300 places disponibles. Les vols charters avec Albastar intégreront la programmation saisonnière exécutée avec des vols réguliers.


Les deux leaders de l’Italie du Nord pour l’organisation de pèlerinages, Brevivet et Duomo Viaggi, proposent des séjours de quatre jours (de lundi jusqu’à jeudi) et de cinq jours (de jeudi jusqu’à lundi), avec arrivées et départs auprès des aéroports de Lisbonne et Porto.


Des pèlerinages et des voyages culturels ont été spécialement étudiés pour les célébrations du centenaire afin de découvrir les lieux significatifs du message de Fatima et de contempler les innombrables merveilles que le Portugal offre aux yeux et au cœur des visiteurs. Certains itinéraires incluent aussi la visite aux petites cités médiévales telles que Óbidos, Sintra, Coimbra, aux monastères de Batalha et d’Alcobaça, au Cabo da Roca - qui représente le point le plus occidental de l'Europe continentale -, à l’ancien village de pécheurs de Nazaré mais aussi des journées dédiées à la découverte de la ville de Lisbonne. De plus, il y aura un autre itinéraire qui permettra de partir de Fatima et d’arriver à Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, tout en parcourant le Chemin Portugais. La présence d’un accompagnateur sera toujours assurée et il restera à complète disposition pendant toute la durée du voyage.


Les vols seront effectués par le biais d’aéronefs Boeing 737-400 appartenant à la flotte d’Albastar et ils peuvent accueillir 170 personnes en classe unique. Brevivet et Duomo Viaggi ont établis l’horaire de départ à 12h00, heure locale, afin de permettre aux passagers provenant de tout le Nord de l’Italie de saisir cette opportunité.


Il s’agit d’un choix que SACBO accueille avec satisfaction mais il s’agit aussi du témoignage du fait que, suite à une longue et solide collaboration avec les principaux organisateurs de voyages religieux, la capacité de l’Aéroport de Bergame de répondre aux nécessités opérationnelles et logistiques et de garantir la qualité des services d’assistance aux passagers et à la compagnie aérienne est aujourd’hui largement reconnue.


Informations pour les journalistes :

Bureau de Presse Albastar +34 971 575 072 -

Le 4ème B737-400 d'Albastar dédíé à Saint Ambroise, patron de la ville de Milan.
22 October 2015

AlbaStar présente le 4ème B737-400 (EC-MFS) de sa flotte et dédié à la ville de Milan en honneur d’ un des symboles d’ identité les plus importants de la capitale de Milan, Saint Ambroise.
Lors de la cérémonie qui eut lieu ce matin à l’ aéroport de Milan Malpensa, Monseigneur Erminio de Scalzi, Vicaire Épiscopal de Milan, bénit l’ avion qui opérera principalement entre Milan et Lourdes à partir du prochain mois de Mai avec 2 vols par semaine. La cérémonie compta également avec la présence des principaux associés de la compagnie aérienne - Unitalsi, Brevivet et Rusconi Viaggi – avec qui AlbaStar opérent des vols depuis toute l’ Italie.
Michael Harrington, Président Directeur Général de la compagnie, a déclaré : “Nous avons décidé de dédier un de nos avions à la ville de Milan dans le but de consolider notre projet de développement depuis l’ aéroport de Milan Malpensa d’ où nous volons depuis plus de 5 ans et qui est, depuis 2013, l’ hôte de notre base opérationelle en Italie.
En collaboration avec nos associés, nous allons opérer la nouvelle route régulière à Lourdes, destination de laquelle Albastar en est le leader en Europe tant par le nombre de vols que par le nombre de passagers transportés.
Qui plus est, nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec SEA en ce qui concerne l’ ouverture de nouvelles routes et le développement de services adhoc pour les passagers dans l’ espoir que cela répercutera avec une importante contribution au développement du trafic de cet aéroport et par le fait que cela représente une opportunité de croissance et une amplitude d’ affaires determinante pour l’ acivité de la compagnie.”

AlbaStar, compagnie aérienne privée avec son siège social à Palma de Majorque et sa base opérationelle à l’ aéroport de Milan Malpensa, est née au printemps de 2010 grace à l’ initiative d’ entrepreneurs italiens venant du secteur du tourisme et du transport avec l’ objectif précis de fournir des services de transport aérien “à la carte” avec des départs depuis les principaux aéroports italiens et européens vers les destinations de vacances de grande demande en Méditerannée, Afrique du Nord et la Mer Rouge et, également, vers les destinations les plus sollicitées de pélerinage en collaboration avec les principaux opérateurs touristiques italiens, espagnols, européens.

Six ans après le début de ses activités, Alba Star offre au marché un modèle d'entreprise capable de fournir les différents produits variés, souples et fonctionnels : les vols intérieurs et internationaux, selon la demande du marché, que ce soit loisir ou bien religieux, exploités avec une flotte de quatre Boeing B737 - 400 de classe unique et 170 sièges chacun basés en Espagne et en Italie.
Depuis mai 2015, Alba Star exploite des vols réguliers 2 fois par semaine sur Lourdes depuis Rome et Bergame et à partir de mai 2016 s'ajouteront deux vols hebdomadaires, les lundi et mercredi, sur Lourdes au départ de Milan Malpensa.

Pour plus d’ informations, prière contacter :
Alba Star +34 971 575 072 - 

Albastar inaugure la première ligne régulière entre Rome et Lourdes.
22 June 2015

L’ étendard d’ Albastar fût montré aux passagers du vol Rome – Lourdes qui ont, spontanément,  applaudi en acclamant des vivas au Pape !
C’ est ainsi qu’ Albastar a inauguré la première ligne réguliére entre les villes de Rome et Lourdes
Albastar est la compagnie leader en Europe pour le transport des pélerins et infirmes à la ville de Lourdes, destination depuis plus de 48 villes. Albastar transportera plus de 70.000 passagers à Lourdes en 2015.
L’ accueil à l’ Aéroport de Lourdes pour la bienvenue du premier vol fut un évènement marqué para la présence de Mme la Maire de Lourdes ainsi que d’ un grand nombre d’ autorités.
Le vol inaugural fût réalisé par le tout dernier avión incorporé à la flotte d’ Albastar, le EC-MFS, qui fût l’ object du classique baptême inaugural de la part des pompiers ainsi que d’ une coupe de champagne offerte à tous les passagers.
“Avec un départ de Rome à 14:00, les passagers du centre d’ Itale peuvent bénéficier de ce vol” a déclaré Michael Harrington présent à bord et en ajoutant “Les vols ont été lancés spécialement en vue de l’ Année du Jubilé qui aura lieu en 2016”.
Le vol a une durée de 2 heures et l ‘avion est préparé pour le transport de passagers sur civière si le besoin est. Ainsi AlbaStar offre une voie plus rapide, facile et commode que le train pour les passagers handicapés.
Mme le Maire de Lourdes a donné la bienvenue de ces vols qui offrent, au marché France, la possibilité de visiter Rome avec des Prix au départ de 59 euros par trajet.

Pour de plus amples informations, consulter:

Albastar présente son étendard au Pape pour sa bénédiction.
13 June 2015

Rome 10 juin 2015
Aujourd’ hui, durant l’ Audience Papale dédiée aux malades et aux invalides, AlbaStar a présenté l’ étendard au Pape pour sa bénédiction.La compagnie aérienne espagnole basée à Palma de Majorque et à Milan a confirmé le lancement de la nouvelle ligne Rome-Lourdes avec une fréquence de deux vols par semaine les lundi et jeudi.
Le début des vols est prévu pour le prochain 22 juin malgré les problèmes survenus lors de l’ incendie du Terminal 3 de l’ Aéroport de Rome Fiumicino.
La compagnie AlbaStar s’ est consolidée comme étant la compagnie leader pour le transport des pélerins en Europe et estime que le nombre de passagers sur la route Rome – Lourdes atteindra les 70.000
La compagnie, avec une flotte de 4 B737-400, transporte non seulement des malades et invalides mais offre, également, la possibilité de transporter des passagers sur civière ce qui permet un déplacement entre les 2 villes le plus rapide possible.
Michael Harrington, PDG d’ AlbaStar présent à l’ audience Papale (voir photo) a déclaré : “L’ étendard béni par le Pape François accompagnera tous nos passagers de la route Rome-Lourdes-Rome de façon à ce que tous les pélerins puissent se sentir proche du Pape François. Nous souhaitons que le Saint Père puisse venir visiter Lourdes prochainement”

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Albastar équipe sa flotte de B737 de civières médicales.
11 March 2015

Albastar a équipé toute sa flotte de 2 civières par avion.
Chaque civière est pourvue de rideaux et n’ occupe que l’ espace de 6 sièges. Le montage est effectué sur une plateforme fixée elle-même sur les rails des sièges ce qui permet une installation réalisable en l’ espace d’ un transit sans besoin de déloger les sièges.

Pour plus d’ intimité, chaque civière est placée à l’ arrière de l’ avion et à chaque côté du couloir. Les médecins, infirmières ou accompagnants peuvent ainsi s’ asseoir prés du patient.

Cet équipement offre un service supplémentaire d’ une grande importance en ce qui concerne les vols de pélerinage que la compagnie AlbaStar effectue sur Lourdes, France.

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