Fly with us

Fly with us
When the best is yet to come.
Carla y Pietro

It was a wonderful travelling experience. The flight was very pleasant and the flight attendants were very friendly. We strongly recommend flying with Albastar because they are efficient and professional. We will definitely fly with them again on our next holiday.

Because we believe in young people.

With wanted to organise a trip at the end of our course with our university friends that was a bit different. So we starting looking for something on the internet. We liked the idea of visiting Verona and decided to look for direct flights. Not only did Albastar offer us some perfect solutions, but also met us half way in terms of costs seeing that we were all students.

We know what's important.

We have always liked organising trips during school holidays especially with other families from the same school. We have experienced different kinds of holidays. Albastar offers an excellent service. Two children suffered air sickness and the whole crew were very caring and helped us through this bad moment. In the end everything went well. A big thank you to all the hostesses. 

And because the journey is the greatest reward

Para mi un viaje tiene que empezar con una planificación sencilla. Desde la web de Albastar ha resultado todo muy sencillo. Escoger el día, el destino y una información constante del precio. En unos sencillos clics ya tenemos nuestro viaje del club de jóvenes excursionistas a Mallorca a practicar senderismo.

We put the sky at your feet.

Offering a pleasant on-board experience is always the vocation of Albastar: our main objective is to satisfy our passengers' needs and expectations, working daily to give them the opportunity to experience a nice and relaxed flight. On board our aircraft the hospitality and kindness are always evident.

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