Our fleet

Albastar’s fleet consists of three Boeing 737-400, configured for 170 seats in unique class, and three Boeing 737-800, configured for 189 seats in unique class.

The aircraft are based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which is also the airline’s headquarters, and also at Milan Malpensa, Milan Bergamo and Verona airports in Italy.

Albastar and its aircraft operate in accordance with EASA’s strictest safety standards.

Technical Information
Seats 170
Wings span 28,91 m
Engines CFM 56-3C1
Max. weight 68 237 kg
Fuel capacity 16.104 l
Speed840 km/h
Lenght 36,25 m
Height 11,13 m
Crew 2+4
Flight level 11 277 m
Range 4 500 km
Seats 189
Wings span 35,7 m
Engines CFM56-7B
Max. weight 79.010 kg
Fuel capacity 26.000 lt
Speed 870 km/h
Lenght 39,50 m
Height 12,5 m
Crew 2+4
Flight level 12.500 m
Range 5.600 km
About Albastar

Albastar is a private Spanish airline based in Palma de Mallorca, which was founded in 2010 by Italian and British entrepreneurs from the tourism and transport sectors, to provide on demand flight services in collaboration with major Spanish, Italian and European tour operators. On 30th July 2010, Albastar obtained its Air Operator Certificate (AOC-E-106) and the Commercial Operations licence to transport passengers and cargo. The following day Albastar’s first flight takes off from Palma de Mallorca with its Boeing 737-400 EC-LAV, called “Pino D’Urso”, and begins its flying activity connecting major Italian and Spanish airports to the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Canary Islands, the Middle East, North Africa and numerous European capitals.


In 2013 Albastar becomes a member of IACA (International Air Carrier Association) and in 2014 establishes its Permanent Organisation in Italy with its operational base at Milan Malpensa.

Over the years and through a keen collaboration with the main Tour Operators specializing in religious trips, Albastar has successfully established itself as the top European carrier for connections to pilgrim sites such as the French city of Lourdes, departing from most European airports, and it is precisely from this destination that the airline begins its scheduled air service in 2015.

Our mission

Albastar has always focused more attention on listening to the needs of customers and on providing quality service: courtesy, professionalism and attention are the essential characteristics of the staff at Albastar, which passengers do not overlook.

Albastar boasts fully trained flight crews that assist passengers in multiple languages and provide the highest standards of service and reliability. In addition, Albastar flight attendants are trained in hospitals specialized in the care and management of people with reduced mobility, in order to offer the utmost attention to every pilgrim who chooses to fly with the carrier, fully understanding their needs and providing them with specific assistance.

Passion for their work and respect for its customers are expressed through the details and attention of the product and service provided on board: there will always be a smile to welcome our passengers on board and while flying through the clouds, they will understand how much dedication and attention has been devoted to their journey, well before their departure ...

Dawn is the first sign of light over the horizon and the stars are the wise guide for navigators: the success that characterizes all the sectors of Albastar is their philosophy of flying, made up of perfection and beauty. While being transported by our wings, every passenger can begin dreaming about their holiday on board, comfortably seated and feeling, gazing at the clouds, the blue skies and spaces, the heat and the light, the wind blowing, and the sparkling sea.



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