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In this session you can find services and information useful to our customers.

Call center

The Carrier Service Center, that can be contacted on +39 095/311503 (telephone number not subject to premium-rate, the cost of the call depends on the caller’s service provider) and via email, is available to support and assist our customers with general information on flights, in purchasing their tickets, or in requesting changes, when possible, for tickets already purchased. The Booking Office is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00, and on Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00 - Italian bank holidays excluded.

Carriage conditions

The air transport agreement between Albastar and the passenger is regulated by the General Carriage Conditions = click here to download


In the event of claims arising from relationships maintained with the Carrier or contacts with the latter to that end and concerning the way in which the Carrier managed the transport or related services, more or less in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, each Passenger can file a written complaint to Albastar Customer Service based in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Av. Conde de Sallent 23, 5A, 07003, e-mail Please provide an email address and a telephone contact.

In the event of denied boarding, of cancellation or long delay of flights, the Carrier is committed towards its Passengers to compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004, as subsequently amended and construed, and to national laws.

In order to ensure a proper complaint handling, the cooperation of the Passenger shall be kindly required; in this sense, the Passenger shall be required to provide documentation certifying the availability of the airline ticket as well as documents proving check-in and boarding on the aircraft, or proving the failure or renunciation to board and any expenses and costs incurred in connection with the disservice claimed to have suffered.

In case of correct production of documentation as provided for above, the Carrier's Customer Service shall process the request within a period of 6 (six) weeks as from the date of receipt thereof.

In view of the foregoing, in case of claims and complaints received from lawyers, attorneys or other Passenger representatives in general, any amount intended to cover their fees and expenses shall in no case be paid, not even by way of contribution, such amounts being and remaining the exclusive responsibility of those who decided to be represented.

Any indemnity and compensations are recognised as being due shall be considered by law the exclusive domain of Passengers: if due, the Carrier shall therefore pay them directly, hereby declaring beforehand that it shall not accept any assignments of credit, even when formally notified; the Passenger agrees thereto, acknowledges that s/he is aware of this and agrees not to transfer any claims against the Carrier to third parties.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures

Where the proposal for an amicable settlement agreement is not accepted by the Passenger, and in any other case of further potential conflict, the Carrier shall anyway prefer applying Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures, i.e. dispute resolution methods other than the usual reference to the ordinary courts, as they are carried out in a shorter time frame and at reduced costs for all Parties concerned. The aforementioned procedures shall be carried out with bodies set up under the ADR Directive and the Carrier shall take part thereto, where they actually started. The Parties hereby agree that this shall be the condition precedent for any next legal action related to the contract of carriage.


If the ticket has been purchased online, disputes may also be settled through an online dispute resolution platform (ODR), pursuant to Art. 14 of Reg. no. 524/2013 (ODR Regulation), which can be accessed through the following link:


Details of all rights recognized by the aforementioned regulations is available here Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 = click here to download


Each Passenger may carry onboard only one Unchecked Baggage  not exceeding a total weight of 5 kg for charter flights and 7 kg for scheduled flights, and not exceeding 115 cm (55 x 40 x 20 cm) without additional charges. Each Passenger may also take onboard, without additional charges, only one of the following items: briefcase, laptop bag or handbag or umbrella.

In compliance with the applicable fare rules each Passenger (excluding Infants) may check in one Baggage up to a maximum weight of 15 kg for charter flights and 20 kg for scheduled flights, with overall dimensions complying with the check-in standards.

Due to international regulations, Checked Baggage should not weigh more than 32 kg. Heavier pieces of Baggage shall not be accepted, except for wheelchairs or bulky items previously authorized by the Carrier such as: musical instruments, camera equipment and toolboxes. Such authorized bulky items or heavy Baggage will be requested as SSR bulk. The payment of a special fare may be required for the transport of these items.

The transport of extra kilograms and/or Baggage on scheduled flights may be purchased on the Carrier’s website or through the Booking Office, whereas for charter flights they may be purchased only at the airport.

For each extra Checked Baggage (in addition to the first one) the Passenger shall pay a supplementary charge per kilo, even if the weight limits of the first Checked Baggage have not been reached. Non-payment of the supplementary charge shall entitle the Carrier to deny loading of the extra Checked Baggage on board.

The Carrier shall not be responsible for fragile or perishable goods, money, jewels, silverware and precious metals in general, high-tech items, designer garments or objects, leather or fur goods, valuable papers, stocks and shares or other such marketable documents, as well as business or office documents, samples, passports or other such identity documents contained inside the Checked Baggage, and shall not be liable for minor damages to the exterior of Baggage (such as, by way of example and without limitation, stains or scratches deriving from normal wear and tear) or water damage to non-waterproof Baggage. Passengers may protect themselves by taking out a separate insurance policy with a special declaration covering the value of the items contained in Checked Baggage.

It is strictly forbidden to carry the following items on board the aircraft and they must be removed from the Passenger’s hand luggage before the airport police control:

  • all firearms including compressed air and toy guns.
  • weapons with blades, pointed or sharp edges that can cause serious injury.
  • other items such as scissors with sharp blades (even nail cutters and items for manicure); blunt objects that can cause harm (e.g.. golf clubs, ski poles, etc..).
  • all explosive and highly flammable substances which pose a hazard to the health  of passengers adn crew or the plane’s safety or the general and technical safety of the aircraft.
  • liquid substances except for those permitted by law.

Please be aware that it is not possible to carry certain articles and/or items in your carry-on or checked baggage. Before you start your trip check the sections Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Articles. If you identify an item within the Dangerous Goods section that requires the approval of the carrier, please address your request to at least 72 hours before your flight.

Sports equipment and music instruments are subject to special charges and must be reported to the travel agency at least two working days before the departure date. The loading of sports equipment is always subject to availability of space/weight.

The following list is not exhaustive but provides some examples.


Special Requests

Prices (Per leg.)

Baggage allowance

15 kg. (charter flight)


20 kg. (scheduled flight)

29,30 € 20 kg. (scheduled flight if baggage not included in the fee)



Hand Luggage

1 piece/max. 5 kg. (charter flight)


1 piece/max. 7 kg. (scheduled flight)



Cost in excess per kg

10,00 €. per kg. / max 20 kg, per sector



Golf Bag

40,00 € 


Up to 20Kgs (exceeding kg as per excess rate)



Snow / Water Ski

50,00 € 


Up to 20Kgs (exceeding kg as per excess rate)

Pet in Cabin

80,00 € 


max 8 kg pet + container


50,00 € a tratta



Diving Equipment

40,00 € 


Up to 20Kgs (exceeding kg as per excess rate)

Fishing Equipment

35,00 €


80,00 €


80,00 €

Surf Board

80,00 €


Lost or damaged Baggage

In case of lost, damaged or pilfered Baggage, the provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999 as well as of the EC Regulation no. 2027/97, as amended by EC Regulation no. 889/02, shall apply: that being the case, the Passenger is required to fill in the PIR form at the “Lost & Found” office of the airport of arrival.

In order to start the claim settlement procedures with the Carrier, the Passenger must send the following documents in order to assess and quantify the damage:


In case of late delivery or lost Baggage, within 21 days from the date of the PIR or the actual date of Baggage delivery:


  • original PIR;
  • original Baggage Receipt and copy of the Ticket;
  • full list of the contents of lost Baggage with indication of the value, purchasing date and document of each item;
  • original receipts of essential items purchased;


In case of damaged or pilfered Baggage, within 7 days from the date of the PIR:


  • original PIR;
  • original Baggage Receipt and copy of the Ticket;
  • full list of pilfered items with mention of their weight;
  • indication of brand, type, purchasing price and date of the damaged Baggage together with a photograph of the item;
  • original receipt proving the Baggage repair cost or an original declaration stating that the Baggage cannot be repaired issued by the seller.


In both cases, the Passenger shall indicate name and surname, full address and telephone number, as well as bank details in the case of a compensation (IBAN and SWIFT codes and name of the bank account holder).

The aforementioned documentation must be sent by registered mail with request for return receipt to the following address:





Apartado de Correos 5366

E-07011 Palma de Mallorca

 I. Baleares - Spain


For further information the Passenger may send an email to


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